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Last Updated on: March 19th, 2019

Headshot Illusion
Headshot Illusion
Ignore target's defense, dealing maximum damage

Deals 350 direct damage as well as 5%-10% of target's HP at Level 1. Increases damage by 30 per skill level

Consumes 32 SP at Level 1. Increases by 2 SP per skill level

Active Skill Land Skill Class: All

Used by

Ascendant Corp Spellcaster ID: 1442
Ascendant Corp Spellcaster Usage Rate: 20%
Hell's Phyllis Protector ID: 1370
Hell's Phyllis Protector Usage Rate: 20%
Tundra Dragon Phyllis ID: 1270
Tundra Dragon Phyllis Usage Rate: 20%
Succubus Of Hell ID: 1266
Succubus Of Hell Usage Rate: 20%
Black Dragon Phyllis ID: 885
Black Dragon Phyllis Usage Rate: 20%
Phyllis Sharpshooter Phantom ID: 877
Phyllis Sharpshooter Phantom Usage Rate: 20%