Server Info

20x Solo-Exp
25x Party-Exp
15x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth




Online Record618
Server Status Online


Ranking List
Rank Player Level
1st MODY 150
2nd CrimsonPhil 150
3rd Luna 150
4 FireFlower 150
5 Blossom 150

Installation Guide

Hello, Welcome to Rage of Sage's installation guide!

First step in installing Rage of Sage Online client is to start downloading the client which there are 6 decisions to make, 1 that's packed in a winrar, 1 that's a Installer and the rest of them are clients that ull have to update by your self with the auto patcher of Rage of Sage, like the RapidShare client upload. The decisions of sites where u can download the client at:

Ok now the 1st step is passed so now it's time to start with the Installer Guide: 2nd step: The first screen of the start of the installation, you'll see when downloading the Client installer, Just click next.

Step 2: This will come up next, click next again as u did before.

Step 3 : Click I agree with the above terms and conditions then push the next bottom.

Step 4 : Push next again if u already have client installed with Rage of Sage you'll see this screen. Otherwise just make a new folder and name it to what ever u want it to be named. Then click next.

Step 5 : Now you'll have to make the folder for the client to be putted in. Make your folder were you want it to be in. Then click next.

Step 6 : NOW YOUR INSTALLATION OF RAGE OF SAGE ONLINE WILL START! Congrats now you'll just have to wait till it's done installing then your ready to play.

Step 7 : Click next now and your officially done with the installation. Click next and your ready to start playing Rage Of Sage Online!

Credits to Alex