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Jul 14, 2024          09:29:19 AM


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VIP Set Purchase

VIP Set is the strongest set in Rage of Sage Online. This guide will help you successfully purchase one.

Step 1

Visit our payment center and scroll down to select the VIP bundle

Step 2

Verify the bundle details, agree to our terms and policies and then select the payment method you want. You'll then be taken to their website

Step 3

Once you've completed the payment, you'll be sent back to our completion page. Your payment has been completed and your VIP Set will be added to your storage box in a few moments

Step 4

Check your storage box! Your VIP Set should be sitting there waiting for you

Assign the VIP Set to a character of your choosing and open up the VIP set chest! You will then obtain your VIP set
Note1: VIP Set is NOT trade-able. VIP Set Chest IS trade able so once you open the chest, set can no longer be traded.


These are my stats on 110% Upgraded Rage Set +27

These are my stats on unfused VIP Set +27

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