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VIP Set Purchase


This guide will help you successfully purchase and obtain your VIP set.

[Step 1]

Visit our payment page

[Step 2]

Select the PayPal button, use the slide arrorws to find VIP Set, select it, and agree to our refund policy

[Step 3]

You'll be redirected to PayPal

[Step 4]

Verify the item, Login to your PayPal account and press Pay Now

[Step 5]

Once the order is done, you'll be redirected to your order history

[Step 6]

Enjoy your VIP Set!

[Step 7]

Your VIP Set has successfully been sent to your storage box!

Assign the vip set to a character of your choosing and open up the VIP set chest! You will then obtain your VIP set

Note1:Vip Set is NOT trade-able. Vip Set Chest IS trade able so once you open the chest, set can no longer be traded.


You'll recieve an email from us to keep for your record.


These are my stats on 110% Upgraded Rage Set +27

These are my stats on unfused VIP Set +27

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