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Jul 19, 2024          01:29:55 PM


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ROSO Game Guide

Welcome to our Game Guide! These guide(s) were made in order to help you out in your journey through ROSO!

For more information about any item(s) or monster(s) in our server, check out our Game Database

Note: You can hover your mouse over any icon for more details about that item.

This guide was last updated on May 10th, 2023

New to ROSO? No idea how to start? No worries, this section of our game guide is dedicated towards helping you!

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Welcome to Rage of Sage Online! We are a Tales of Pirates(ToP)/Pirate King Online(PKO) private server. We're glad to have you here and we hope you enjoy our server.

If this is your first time playing Tales of Pirates(ToP)/Pirate King Online(PKO), I recommed you to check out this guide for some basic information.
Pirate King Online Game Guide

Now that you know some of the basics about ToP/PKO, this game guide will be focused mainly on our private server as we differ a lot from the original.

New Character

When you create a new character and enter the game, you will be awarded some cool item(s) when you open up your inventory (ALT+E)

The item(s) in detail are the following

Starter SetHeaven's Berry20,000 Gold NoteLv75 - Strength Fairy
Lv75 - Agility FairyLv75 - Accuracy FairyLv75 - Spirit FairyLv75 - Consititution Fairy
Starter Lv Up - 45Starter Lv Up - 55Starter Lv Up - 135
Note1: You can only select one of the pets. Once you double click the pet you want, the others will be removed.
Note2: You cannot obtain a pet without all 5 of the pet cards in your inventory.
Note3: You cannot use the Starter Lv Up cards if you have a mentor.
Note4: All 3 lv up cards must be in your inventory to use. You'll only be able to choose one.

When you double click on the Starter Set, you will get the following

Grandiose HelmGrandiose ArmorGrandiose GauntletsGrandiose BootsLv35 - Starter Weapons

and some other item(s) to help you on your way. As you level up, you'll be able to open different Starter Weapons chest to help you progress faster.


LevelChestitem(s) Obtained
-Grandiose Set +12, Starter Ring, Starter Necklace, Lv35 - Starter Weapons Chest
Level 35Unseal 35 for your class & Lv45 - Starter Weapons Chest
Level 45Unseal 45 for your class & Lv55 - Starter Weapons Chest
Level 55Unseal 55 for your class & Lv65 - Starter Weapons Chest
Level 65Unseal 65 for your class & Lv75 - Starter Weapons Chest
Level 75Unseal 75 for your class & Lv85 - Starter Weapons Chest
Level 85Starter Completion Gift

Note1: The equipment item(s) that you obtain in each chest have the following restrictions: Cannot be pliered, fused, forged, repaired


Player(s) currently using starter set and new player(s) who open up the Starter Chest will now have a 14-day protection period as long as your character is equipped with all of the starter accessories.

  • 99% damage taken reduced
  • 400% damage dealt to opponents

This protection will only take effect in the following maps:

  • Forsaken City
  • Dark Swamp
  • Demonic World
  • Hell House
  • Hell Chapter
  • Death Forest
  • Tundra Path
  • Kyjj 2-3

Note1: If < Player 1 > and < Player 2 > are both under the effect of the Starter Protection and they attack each other, the Starter Protection effect will be removed and they will deal normal damage as if they were outside of those maps listed above.

Use the player command /buff to see how long your protection has left.


Now that you have some basic equipment, its time to decide what level you want to be!

The fastest way to level up is by using our leveling maps. They are open 24/7. To enter the maps visit the following NPC

Leveling Administrator
Shaitan City (892,3581)Teleport: Teleport to Hell House(Lv1-115) or Hell Chapter(Lv115-135)

You can gain exp normally from mobs from levels 1-115. Once you reach 115 normal mobs will not give you exp.

In order to level up from 115, you must go to Hell Chapter which has lv6-8 sandbags to level from. However, these mobs will only give you exp until you reach level 135. After you reach level 135 you must obtain EXP Pamphlets that give 10% EXP each.

You obtain these by doing the quests in the map Demension's Castle. These EXP cards will level you until level 150.

Once you are level 150+ you can only gain exp from the mobs in Abaddon 1-4 or in the Raid Islands.

Note1: Once you're level 10 you can do your first class advancement. At level 40 you can do your second class advancement. Just visit the npc below.

Job Changer - Ranget
Argent City (2205,2791)Class Change: Become the class of your choice for free!

Starter Quest - Ascension

After your starter protection has worn off, you may be wondering what's the next step. This quest is for you!


  • 14-Day Starter Protection has expired.
  • You have not done the quest on another character/account.
  • You have the Starter Necklace in your inventory.
  • You are level 45+.

Starter Ascension I

To get the first quest, you need to visit Innkeeper - Marriam in Argent City (2212,2781).

Note1: Once you've accepted this quest, you're unable to cancel Starter Ascension I. However you can cancel any other portion of the quest and visit the NPC later to continue.

You will be tasked to obtain 2x Achievement Badges . You can get them from completing Daily Tasks.

Once you've obtained them, visit Innkeeper - Marriam again to complete the quest. You will be given 1x Starter Set Stone Enchantment

Starter Ascension II

Now that you've completed part I, you will be given the next task.

You will need to obtain 1x Totem Event Token. This can be easily obtained by finding one of the Event Totems that spawn throughout the cities. You can visit our Event Totem guide for more information.

Note1: You will only be able to obtain 1x Totem Event Token.

Once you've obtained them, visit Innkeeper - Marriam again to complete the quest. You will be given another Starter Set Stone Enchantment

Starter Ascension III

Once again, visit Innkeeper - Marriam in Argent City (2212,2781) to get the next part of the quest.

This time you will need to defeat some monsters in the Abandoned Mines.

When you've killed all the monsters, go back to Marriam to receive your final Starter Set Stone Enchantment .

At this point, you can double click your Starter Set Stone Enchantments to get 3x Rage Stone Enchantments and 3x Sage Stone Enchantments . This will allow you to upgrade your Starter Set into Rage or Sage Set.

Note1: You can choose which set you want to upgrade your Starter Set into by visiting any Upgrading NPC, or using command "/upgrade" and placing your Starter Set + one of the Enchantment stones.
Note2: You will have Enchantment stones leftover. You can freely delete these as you will be unable to use them again.

Starter Ascension IV

For the final portion of the Starter Quest, head back to Innkeeper - Marriam in Argent City (2212,2781) to get the last quest.

You are tasked to kill 50x Smugglers.

Once you're done with that, visit Marriam to complete the quest and to obtain 2x Starter Weap Stone Enchantments .

Note1: You can now upgrade your Lv85 Starter Weapons into their respective Rage/Sage Weapon based on your class, by visiting any Upgrading NPC, or using command "/upgrade" and placing your Lv85 Starter Weapon + the Starter Weap Stone Enchantment.
Note2: For classes that do not need to upgrade 2x Weapons, BOTH Starter Weap Stone Enchantment will be needed to upgrade your Lv85 Starter Weapon.

Congrats on completing the Starter Quest - Ascension! You now have your chosen Rage or Sage Set and Rage/Sage Weapons to help you on your journey!

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