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35x Solo-Exp
40x Party-Exp
25x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth


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Players Online654 / 1131
Server StatusOnline
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Ranking List
Rank Player Points
1st -[IfuSeeMeRuN]- 238 CA Points
2nd Doudou 224 CA Points
3rd -[Dangerous]- 187 CA Points
4 P~mo. 180 CA Points
5 -Frankenstein- 162 CA Points

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please read each FAQ carefully. They may help solve your problem faster than creating a ticket would.

What to do after I just got hacked?

You will have to create a ticket using this link or post in our forums . Once you have done that you need to wait for a staff member to reply
Note: All hacked cases must be reported within 3 months of it happening. Allow up to 2 weeks for our staff to review and update your case.

I don't know my security information for my account!

To change security information of your account, please open a new ticket.

Once you created a ticket, a staff member will reply to you about how you can obtain/change your security information

My character says "target map cannot be reached" in game client

Your character may be on a map that is currently not opened. To fix this, please create a ticket with the subject "Character Bugged" and our staff will fix your character for you.

My account says "Username Invalid" on game client

Your account may have been banned or no longer exists. If your account is banned (You can check by attempting to login on our website), please read this article to check if your account has been temporarily suspended and to get it unbanned

I cannot see certain items, maps, or monsters

Please use our auto patcher to update your client.

If that does not work you can always manually download the patch from here or you could directly download a new game client.

"Item ID in inventory is invalid [XXXX], Game Going to exit"

Please use the auto patcher to update your client.

If that does not work you can always manually download the patch from here or you could directly download a new game client.

My IMPs have not arrived after an hour of my purchase

Once we recieve your payment your account will get your credited automatically.

However, there are times where our system can delay/not deliver your IMPs. In the event that does happen, please open a new ticket with the correct subject and we will prioritize fixing your problem

Can I trade/sell/buy accounts/items for USD/Gold?

Simply put, no. This is the number 1 cause for scams/hacks and we do not support it on our server. If you are caught your account(s)/item(s) may be terminated.

You can read more about this in our Game Policy

My character doesn't gain EXP!

You can gain exp normally from mobs from levels 1-115. Once you reach 115 normal mobs will not give you exp.

In order to level up from 115, you must go to Hell Chapter which has lv6-8 sandbags to level from. However, these mobs will only give you exp until you reach level 135. After you reach level 135 you must obtain EXP Cards that give 10% EXP each.

You obtain these by doing the quests in the map Demension's Castle. These EXP cards will level you until level 150.

Once you are level 150+, you need to gain exp from the mobs in Abaddon 1-4 or in the Raid Islands.

If you are at any level and the method of gaining EXP should work for you but doesn't, please check out our Bugged EXP Guide

How can I know if I am talking to a real staff member?

The best way is by simply asking them ingame to teleport to you.
All of our staff members have either a blue "HD" symbol or a gold "GM" symbol above their heads.
You can also check out our Staff List if you would like to make sure they are online.

Note: Some of our staff have characters that we use for testing that may not appear on the staff list. If you encouter one of these characters, make sure they have a blue "HD" symbol or a gold "GM" symbol above their heads before giving them any information.

[ROSO Launcher.exe] is not valid Win32 application

Your PC needs to have .NET Framework 4+ to be able to run our launcher.

You can download .NET Framework 4.0 here
You can download .NET Framework 4.5 here

"Game version is incorrect"

Run your ROSO Launcher.

If the issue is still there, click on the "[Force Update]" link on your ROSO Launcher under the Game Start button.
If that still did not fix it, download this patch and extract it to your client

Client crashes multiple times

The reason for this may be the client's music folder.

In order to fix this, you have 2 options:

1.) Download our newest ROSO Launcher and extract it to your client folder. Upon running it, it will automatically correct the issue.

- OR -

2.) Navigate to your client's folder and either delete the folder called "music" or rename it to something else.

Restart your client and the crashing should be fixed.

Note: Make sure Game.exe is not running while you are doing this.