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February 28 2012
by [Admin]Rage

Letting everyone know about this.

Hello everyone.
It's Justin here. I'm just posting a few thing's that happen the past couple days.
Please go to this link and download this .txt file and place it in your folder like so.

Download file.
Next step
Open Rage of Sage Online's Client.
Next Step
Next Step
Text -> Copy and replace.
After you did that please log in to the server the box that comes up "Dialog"
please read through it we will be updating that every time we have update's now.
So please make sure you keep checking auto pacther.

We been having alot of report's of losing eq's.
I've asked you guy's kindly and I try my hardest not to snap on you about simple thing's,
But try to understand a 2 GM's that are scripting and 1 in-game GM isn't much to work with.
When I do log in I do hacked case's I don't do bugged case's.

So let's go over the basic's.
Account Server Malufunction Error = The account is online, Either someone is on the account or it's bugged online. and might need a restart on server.
Username Invaild = Your account has been banned, To make sure you get a good chance on getting your account back please go to
and log in and post your problem there and try to get your account unbanned.
I did a major MAC ban yesterday on a mac like so.
You will be unbanned after I check through all account's you list on your post.
The only way your going to get unbanned is if you go and post spamming the server
will make it for you just get banned.

I'm not returning any lost EQ's that you had lost when server restart's inless proven with screeny on the DAY it happened.
This is why we ride you about taking screen shot's of all your EQS and you always do each time you gem/fuse etc.

Being scammed.
Well being scammed is patheic your dumb enough to be scammed you don't get your item's back.
So on forum that thread area will be deleted.

As for the Rage Comic event it will end when we have over 15 Rage comics on the AREA I told people to post.
So any more spam about this you will be kicked off forum till event finished.

Thank you for playing Rage of Sage Online and stayed tune for upcoming updates,events etc.

Make sure to stay tuned on our forum!


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