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Dec 01, 2022          06:00:13 AM

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Ranking List
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1st SpallanZany 568
2nd Itachi- 419
3rd D.E.V.I.L 393
4th Drake* 345
5th [CoG]avetharun 329
6 l~[#Groggy#]~l 283
7 !Green* 196
8 *Insane~ 163
9 -[#24]+Wegzz~ 152
10 MakaBelico~ 84

March 7 2012
by [Admin]Rage

March Madness!!

Hey guys!

I haven't been around lately and i apologize but i had some family issues to deal with.

Well here is whats gonna be happening in the new few weeks.

March madness IMP Promotion

All donations up until March 19th 2012 Will be Doubled!!

Vote For Credits! Credit Increase

Well i realized many people have not been voting recently, thus bringing our rankings down! Well for the whole month of march all credits obtained by voting will be doubled! That means instead of 15 credits per vote, you will now get 30!

Credit/Points Auction

Starting on March 27th, Brand New Items Will be added to Credit/Points Auctions!

Fight the GM!

Well this a cool event i thought of which will be happening in Demonic World.

(GM)Rage will be carrying a pot of gold! (not literally but great prizes)
All to those who participate in this event, will obtain 5x 100m Notes and 5x Azrael Chests

For whoever is the last person to kill the GM, they will be able to choose from the following list

-Rage/Sage Chest
-ROSO Accessories (Ring/Neck)
-SORO/ROSO Gem Lv6-9
-RM/SM Gem Lv3

Note you can only choose one of the items

The GM stats will be as following
-20 Million HP
-140k Max/Min
-15k Defense
-200 Physical Resistance
-1.5k Dodge
-2k Hit Rate

If The GM is defeated within 30minutes of the event start time, there will be an extra event with the following monsters being summoned

-Sandbags Lv6-8 (The mobs in Hell Chapter)
-BD Mobs
-Volcanic Beast
-All Abbadon Bosses (Abba 5-Eternal Abba)
-Phantom Mobs

This event will take place Saturday March 24th At the 3:00 PM Demonic World Opening

ROSO Upgrading

The following things will be upgraded/added to roso.

-Max Level 150
-New Quests
-New Items
-New Bosses
-New Hunting Grounds
-New PK System
-New Website
-New Maps
-New Skills
-New Rally System
-Guild House

The following bugs will be fixed
-Extraction of Ring/Necklace Gems
-AJR,3rd Gen Pets and August pets Will work!
-Teleportation to prison island
-Lag on the Server

The exact date is not determined yet.

Thank You All For Your Support,
Your Lovely Admin,

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