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4 [M]odified 130 CA Points
5 [*Igniz*] 113 CA Points

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April 28 2012
by [Admin]Rage

About our recent staff lost.

Hello Rage of Sage Players.

I'm updating our list of staff right now for players don't get confused on whats going on.

We have lost 1 of the best staff members Rage of Sage has ever had. He was loyal,honest and a hard worker. He improved Rage of Sage beyond his job. He created new apparels for us new players. and enjoyed his job half the time.

We lost him due to real life problems. I respect the fact he will always put real life before a game that won't always be around like real people. We always encounter new things and we try our HARDEST to improve. We lost this staff member today.


His no longer on staff and no longer has any access on Rage of Sage till he comes back. So if anyone try's to say they are him or he doesn't have access. They are lying. He resigned today. Meaning his not part of staff and un-able to get your account information.

We miss you truly Charlie, Hopefully everything will be fine in real life and you can come back to us!!!!!

Our current staff list.


Justin Frost.

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