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May 28 2012
by [Admin]Rage

Server is Online!

Hey guys the server is back online, these are the updates that have been added to server.

-Guild House
-Max Level is 150
-3 New Quests
-2 New Bosses
-2 New Maps


Basically, every guild will have their own "house" for their members to chill/pk in. You will automatically get a guildhouse ticket if you are in a guild. Once you leave/disband a guild, the ticket will be deleted until you are in another guild. Each guild has their own guild house which means, If you are in Guild A, you cannot go in Guild B guildhouse

Max lv150

The max level is now 150. All stat caps have been raised
Str -130

The way i made level 150 is a bit different than most people thought, -See quests below-

New Quests

Basically, these new quests are here to help you obtain level 150.

Every time you complete a quest, you will obtain 3-4 Exp Pamphlets.

Each exp pamphlet gives you 10% Exp.

You are able to kill regular mobs for exp at level 135, to become 136, but once you are 136 you can no longer get exp from any mob.

All of the npcs that are giving you the quests are in Demension Castle Near Death Forest Portal (78,91)

New Bosses

There are 2 new bosses in the game!

Lv145 -Hell Sky Located in L4Map -Re spawns whenever the map opens again-
Lv155-Fox Demon Located At the Center of Death Forest
-Re spawns every 4 hours-

New Maps

As stated above there are 2 new maps called Death Forest and L4 Map.

Death Forest will always be open

L4 Map will only open up every 4 hours. The portal will be open for 3 hours and 30mins, the map itself will be open for 3 hours and 35mins.

L4Map Location is (1331,539) Icicle
Death Forest Location is (78,91) Demension Castle

For those of you who cannot use autopatcher to update your client, you may automatically download the patch here or here

Thank You,

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