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June 6 2012
by [Admin]Rage

Welcome back Justin.

Hey i'm back not full time not part time. I'll work when I want not when you ask me to. I got thing's to do with life so don't ask me for help unless I offer it to you.

I have few basic rules of me coming back.

-Flaming = Perma muted.
-Spamming server trades and caught doing so. = Banned no warning.
-Asking me for help. You won't get help by asking me.

Thing's i'm doing by coming back.


-Help center cases deleted, Fresh start.
-Cleaning forums right up. Useless topics deleted. Spammers banned, flaming banned.
-Delete active reports on forum. Stop using it they don't get you anywhere besides no help.

Have fun and enjoy playing Rage of Sage. Glad to be back and helping.

Please take this reminder that there is a donate event going on. Working on getting orders filled out and done.

Thank you for donating and keeping the server up and staying strong.

Enjoy, and hope to see you guys around soon.

Love yours truly,


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