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August 22 2012
by [Admin]Rage

Rage of Sage Online Events!!! And more!

This week's current events. With upcoming events added on this.

Stall event. Our 3 GM's + [Admin]Justin Frost will be going around the current 3 main citys with money and buying out your
stalls. So please leave goodies. This event will be hosted Friday.

Farm event hosted by [GM]Fruitella will be Thrusday 23rd 2012. - Details will be provided in the game.(Via System :D)

Voting for credits will be 65 credits per vote. :) Enjoy this till the end of 2x imp event!

A pk event hosted by [GM]Limbo has been started. The event details for this is located at
All information about his event is in this thread/topic w.e you wanna call it.

On Friday [GM]Peachy will be hosting a 10 Round Question and Answer event. Prizes will be posted with the Question asked on system.

The 2x imp event is still on and restarted the current dates for this event is:
August 22nd 2012 - August 29th 2012.

$25.00 = 50 IMP + 5 IMP
$50.00 = 100 IMP + 10 IMP
$75.00 = 150 IMP + 15 IMP
$100.00 = 200 IMP + 20 IMP
$125.00 = 250 IMP + 25 IMP
$150.00 = 300 IMP + 30 IMP
$200.00 + Will be given a bonus of 60imps!

(Forgot to add the bonus's to the last updated news!)

Side note:

Well recently we had alot of bugs within the game and dislikes with our old update.

Changing Rage helm back to lv 40 (This will happen next restart)

During the next 2weeks we will have alot more coming to ROSO hopefully even sooner.

What will you be expecting to come to Rage of Sage Online?

Well once we have time their will be a link posted on the next updated news with "The new things" coming to us also showing the progress of the server. If you want to make any suggestions to add to Rage of Sage Online. Please visit us at

and post about it :) Will be expecting your posts and thank you for your suggestions.

Don't miss out on our events and stay updated with the news.

Thank you for choosing Rage of Sage Online.

Best of luck,
Rage of Sage Online Team.

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