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August 26 2012
by [Admin]Rage

Update! 1/4

Hello all Rage of Sage Online players.

We have added the following updates to Rage of Sage Online. Any mall item will take time to show up so please just wait for them to be added. Should show up within the next 24hours.

New Map:
-Chaos Icicle located west side of Icicle ft. It will open every 3hours
1x lv 1 chip gems.
Map times: Every 3hours.

Next Map that will be added next update!

Chaos Shaitan.! Open every 2hours after the next update!

Item Mall:

Vip Set for $120.00 USD As Promised last update Is now fixed!.
To obtain this set. It's $120.00USD Not buyable on 2x event for half price!
Current staff that will be able to exchange for you:

[email protected]


Added Legend Wings! (10 Imps) in mall! (Will be shown there soon!)

Rage Helm/Sage Helm For (15 Imps)

Award Center:

Legend Wings! (2,500 Credits).

Next thing adding to Award Center Next Update!

Award Package kind of like Item Mall. But with Kylin EQ.

-Kylin Neck
-2x Kylin Rings
-Kylin Set
-Kylin Apparel
-Kylin (Weapon Set)

Will be added next update!

Site Addon:
When you login to the website look at the < Left side of it.

There is a new "Bug Report section!"

Added today. Feel free to use it to file a quick bug report!

We will have more to add to the 1/2 of this update. Their is a bout 1/4 work done within the first day. We will bring more to you players soon! Hope you enjoy.

Rage of Sage Online is Back Online AS OF NOW!

Enjoy <3

Rage of Sage Online Team.

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