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1st [-IfuSeeMeRuN-] 312 CA Points
2nd Cute~. 227 CA Points
3rd -[IfuSeeMeRuN]- 217 CA Points
4 -[Dangerous]- 206 CA Points
5 Modified~ 182 CA Points

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September 27 2012
by [Admin]Rage

Quitting~ Justin

Hey guys,

Justin here~

Well it's been decent working here honestly it has. I got bored and got a life. I have a bunch of projects to do within school and don't have time to attend much here.
I'll still be around once and awhile helping out and saying HIYA to everyone. But I got school and I don't wish to put that on the line again for another year of ROSO.

The past year we have grown to the best and known server within all PKO Servers. The highest status the most targetted and yet still here standing today.

I give my thank you to all Rage of Sage Online Players, I give many thank yous to Rage for being there and teaching me alot and yet most the stuff I know today about PKO.

We may have had our fights as Admin Vs Players on system and we may not always like eachother. But yet I still respect the fact that you picked ROSO as a server you wish to play.

Atleast 60% of the server will love the fact I left staff if not more. But it was a choice I had to make. I have taken myself off the GM List as I don't wish to be there incase I do login to say Hi
or help people out that way I don't get spammed with problems I don't wish to attend to. Anyways I didn't want to write a bunch of crap that most of you won't read anyway so i'll see you guys later.

Have fun and take care of the server and PK.

Love yas,

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