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Apr 22, 2024          02:46:14 PM

Server Rates
20x Solo-Exp
25x Party-Exp
15x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth


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Ranking List
Rank Player Score
1st ~Lizzy 7,793
2nd Zenpie#86 4,824
3rd -[#24]+Wegzz.~ 4,776
4th SpallanZany 4,636
5th ~*Jutyx*~ 4,546
6 Strongarm 2,721
7 l~[#Groggy#]~l 2,412
8 Star~ 2,054
9 -[#24]+Wegzz~ 1,937
10 zSkill. 1,764

October 27 2012
by [Admin]Rage

Server Back Online + Donation Promotion

Hey guys! The server is back online but please use autopatcher. If you cannot automatically patch your client, please download the patch below.

Halloween Patch

The portal to halloween town can be found 2252,2685 Argent City It will open every 13 hours and stay open for 12 hours. Inside the map you can find halloween pumpkin mobs which will drop a Halloween Event card. Obtain 8 event cards and on Halloween Day, you may go to the npcs inside halloween town to exchange for some halloween candy.

Super Lollipop - Doubles Str for 10 seconds
Huge Chocolate - Doubles Con for 5 seconds
Spr Lollipop - Doubles Spr for 13 seconds
Acc Lollipop - Doubles Acc for 10 seconds
Agi Lollipop - Doubles Agi for 10 seconds

There is also a boss named Halloween King which is located 138, 281. He drops a halloween bag which will give you each of the halloween goodies.

Video Event

Event Duration: October 27th, 2012 - November 9th 2012

Event Judging: November 9th 2012 - November 10th 2012

Prize Handouts: November 10th 2012

1. Only 1 Video per Person
2. Video must be between 30 secs and 6minutes
3. Must be posted on YouTube with the following title:

"Rage of Sage Online Private Server"
- For the "tags", put "Rage of Sage Online, Tales Of Pirates Private Server 2012"

4. You must post the video link in the forum under This Topic and reply to the topic with the following information,

Account Name:
Character Name:
Video Link:

5. Put some effort into this! (If i didn't want it to look nice, i would've made one *lol*)
6. Have Fun!

Will be Judged Based on:
-Actually Inside ROSO Server

Event Prizes:
1st Place winner will get to choose from Lv150 Pet Card Or Rage/Sage Set or 4th Rebirth Stone or Any Azrael God Chest or 50 IMPs

2nd Place winner will get to choose from
Rage/Sage Weapons or ROSO Neck/Ring or Any Azrael God Chest or 30 IMPs

3rd Place winner will get to choose from Any Azrael Deity Chest or 1 part of the Rage/Sage Set or 15 IMPs

*Note*: Azrael God Chests, Once Opened will give you the chance to obtain Lv5-8 Azrael Gem

*Note*: Azrael Deity Chests, Once opened will give you the chance to obtain Lv1-4 Azrael Gem

Donation Promotion

Donate any amount to get 2x that amount in IMPS

Donate any amount over $50 and gain an extra 5 imps!

Donate any amount over $100 and gain an extra 15 Imps!!

Donate any amount over $150 and gain all of the previous bonuses + 15 imps. (Meaning you get 35)

This promotion will last from October 27th, 2012 - November 3rd, 2012

Ring and Neck Extraction is working. In order to extract your ring and necklace please go to Demension Castle's New Gem Npc

Thank You All!
Happy Halloween,

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