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January 25 2013
by [Admin]Rage

[4:00 PM-5:30 PM]Maintenance January 26th, 2013

Hey guys there will be a small 1 hour and 30mins maintenance on Saturday January 26th.

I will be fixing/adding/changing the following

-Tundra Path will not allow fearless apparel/ upgraded rage-sage equipment
-Sea tickets (Since most people get bugged when they attempt to sail)
-Maps bugging stats/items will be fixed 100%
-The skill cripple will be changed. Instead of opponents dodge decreasing by 20% it will decrease by 35%.
-The skill primal rage stun time and damage will be increased. The notice "Primal rage unable to Hit Rate" will no longer occur.
-Reputation cards will be available. (Go to npc and exchange your rep for a certain number reputation card)
-The following bosses will drop 10k - 40k (random) rep cards [FC Boss, DS Boss, DW1 Boss, DW2 Boss]
-When you double click reforge card, your reforge card will be deleted and the game will give you a reforge scroll.

The reforge scroll works like this.

The equipment with gems will go in first inventory slot. The equipment you want the gems in, will go in second inventory slot.


Kylin Armor +18 i want to be reforged into Rage Armor.
I put the Kylin Armor in 1st inventory slot and the Rage Armor in 2nd inventory slot. Double click the scroll and the gems will be transferred from the kylin armor to rage armor. So you will be left with Rage Armor +18 and Kylin Armor +0.

Note*: If any of the skill adjustments cause too much of a dis-balance, i will balance them out again to make it fair.

Note**: If you use reforge scroll, please make sure the equipment that goes in 2nd inventory slot has no gems. If it has gems already and you reforge on top of it, the previous gems will be overwritten with the new ones and you cannot get them back.

Note***: Each Reputation card can be stacked up to 30

Thank You,

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