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20x Solo-Exp
25x Party-Exp
15x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth


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1st -[IfuSeeMeRuN]- 1180 CA Points
2nd UDeadBitchs* 1116 CA Points
3rd Draco~ 856 CA Points
4 -[Modified]- 807 CA Points
5 -Xena- 618 CA Points

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June 14 2011
by [Admin]Rage

Server is Online!

We apologize for the server being down for so long. This was not planned, and for those of you who read my chat with the company you know why >.>. Took them freakin 3 days to set up my dedi, and i didn't get access till late at night, only had about an Hour and 30mins to install everything, then this morning i had to set it all up. Plus i had to test for bugs which took way too long because some people -cough-Frost-cough- kept distracting me.

New things that you will find.
-Grocer Jimberry Now Exchanges 10m,50m and 100m for 10m,50 or 100m notes

-FC And DS Portals Are Fixed

-New map Demension's Castle. It takes you to a brand new map, and inside the map there is an NPC called FC & DS Level Generator. You can obtain Either a FC or DS Level up bag. In order to use the bag you must be a Level 1 character, and you cannot have a mentor. (Must be a bummer for you who wanted to abuse this for rep :P)

-New Map called Dream island. Inside this map will be all the new boss/mobs and quests. The master quest is available and ready to go, but the addition of the new mobs and bosses are still underway.

-New Sleek Sexy Website (Thanks Alot To Momo) The website features a Vote for credits, Item Mall, Award Center. Currently there is no Reputation for credit exchange but i am working on that.

-New Skills For Each Class! (All class skills are complete except for crusader and sealmaster at the moment) in order to obtain these skills, you must finish the quest defeating a boss that uses that skill.

-The Upgrade System is Still Not Complete, I will post more info on that later

-The maps Kyjj1-3 are also added, but i have not decided what they should be used for yet. I Accept suggestions

-I cannot add the new appearls this update yet because there is too much and even tho we switched to dedi, everybody download the new patch will cause alot of lag so i will need to upload it to media fire or something.

Thank you all for your patience,

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