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February 11 2013
by [Admin]Rage

Valentines Promotion + Events

Hey guys, i wished to do this earlier, but things got messy this weekend.

2x IMP Events

All IMP purchases will be doubled during this period !

February 11th 2013 - February 16th 2013

To top it off, If you purchase any amount over $30 you have the option of sending an email to <[email protected] and request for you and a partner to marry. (Does not have to be your chars)

Needs to be in following format:

Subject: "Marriage Pack (CharName 1 & CharName 2)"

Transaction ID:
Character Names:

Note*: Marriage Pack includes (Valentines Day Ring to each of the characters)

Valentine Day Events

Throughout the day on valentines day February 14th 2013, if you are online, you will be given random prizes. Also, if you are in a party with your partner and are married already, hearts will appear on each of you.

If you are married, the stats you obtain while you are in party with your partner will be increased by 15%

VIP Set Purchase Guide

People have been asking me how to obtain vip set.

You can use either Paypal, Google checkout, western union or Amazon.

-Send $120 To either of those methods. (Paypal email is [email protected])

-Email [email protected] saying
Character Name (That you want VIP On):
Method you bought VIP With:

-Wait around 24 hours for us to check the email and we ill deliver a VIP chest to the character you specified.

Note*:VIp chests ARE trade able. Once you open the chest the VIP set is NOT trade able.

Thank You,

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