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March 5 2013
by [Admin]Rage

Roll-Back Completed!

Hello everyone,

Recently someone used the database that was released by the kid at serverdev to hack a few accounts here. He thought dropping sets would cause an up-roar at Rage of Sage Online. But yet? A simple 3 hour roll-back from the time he logged in to the time he logged out. Was just okay with us.

Justin the lovely guy that he is, Stayed up till 2:00 am rolling back the databases saving the logs and improved a few security scripts.

Tomorrow if your passwords are not changed I will be changing all them to a default password and setting the BAN to '1' in the database. This is a warning. It has been just over a week since the last notice posted about changing passwords and yet only a few have done so. If come tomorrow and your password has not been changed or you been inactive you will have a temp ban + a temp default password set.

To those who thought it was ok to take items from this guy. Yet again I have posted another news about taking items from random players. Yet no one listened. I will be looking at the logs tomorrow for everyone that took an item from him and you will be getting a temp ban up to 48 hours + a side note on the site showing us that you were apart of it once already. If you're caught again doing this in the future you will risk losing your account at Rage of Sage Online.

Thank you for waiting the server will be back online with-in a few moments!

Justin Frost~/Yoshii

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