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35x Solo-Exp
40x Party-Exp
25x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth


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Ranking List
Rank Player Points
1st [-IfuSeeMeRuN-] 312 CA Points
2nd Cute~. 227 CA Points
3rd -[IfuSeeMeRuN]- 217 CA Points
4 -[Dangerous]- 206 CA Points
5 Modified~ 182 CA Points

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March 9 2013
by [Admin]Rage

Donation Promotion & News

Hey guys, this is how the donation promotion for march will be.

Any amount will be doubled. This will be the bonuses though

$50 = 100 + 5
$75 = 150 + 15
$100 = 200 + 30
$150 = 300 + 50
$200 = 400 + 100

This will end March 14,2013

I know that im still lacking in game support, but bear with me a while guys, working on the site so it can be finished asap.

Once the site is up and running smoothly, there will be wayyy more events and i will be in-game more.

For the people who were getting hacked by fake GMs, i am the Only GM in ROSO at the moment. All other GMs have left the team since late january/beginning of february.

Please be patient with me on the emails, i am checking them and confirming your ownership.

I have so far unbanned around 4,000 accounts out of the 24,000 that i have temporarily banned.

If you have not logged in the game and have not been banned prior to this, please make sure you check out this news heading to see how to unban your characters so you can play.

Thank you for continuing to support us,

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