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March 28 2013
by [Admin]Rage

Easter Events!

Easter IMP Promotion!

All donations during this period will be doubled!

March 29th 2013 - April 5th 2013

A special part of this is that for every $50 Donated you will get 4x Free Rage or Sage Master Chests!

This means that if you donate 75 you will still only get 4, if you donate 100 you will get 8 and so on!

In order to get this, you must say which chests you would like in the "comments" on the complete my order page!

They will be distributed to your storage box at the same time you obtain your imps

Fight the GM!

Welcome to my hell house! Think you can take me on? We can see you try!

This event will take place Saturday March 30th At the 3:00 PM Demonic World Opening

[-GM-]Rage's stats will be as following

-25 Million HP
-140k Max/Min
-15k Defense
-200 Physical Resistance
-1.8k Dodge
-2.3k Hit Rate

[-GM-]Rage thinks you guys stand no chance against him so he decided if he is defeated within 30 minutes of the event start time, there will be many more events after the match!

The following mobs will be summoned ! (Map where they will be announced when/if event is ready!)

-Sandbags Lv6-8 (The mobs in Hell Chapter)
-BD Mobs
-Volcanic Beast
-All Abbadon Bosses (Abba 5-Eternal Abba)
-Phantom Mobs
-Snowman Warlord
-Wandering Soul
- Kara's Devil

Events on Easter March 31st 2013

There will be some events on March 31st

-10x Rounds of Q & A ( I will ask on system whether they should be top related or not before i start ;P)

-15x Rounds of Word Un-Scramble (Ex: I say in system "ionnel fo gesa areg " first person to say "rage of sage online" wins! correct spelling counts!

Prizes you can choose from on both events
- Apparel Fearless set
-10x Gem Slot Cards
-Upgraded Rage Parts (Ex: Upgraded Rage Armor,Upgraded Rage Boots, Upgraded Rage Gloves)
-Upgraded Sage Parts (Ex: Upgraded Sage Armor,Upgraded Sage Boots, Upgraded Sage Gloves)
-10 IMPs to an account you specify
-7000 Credits to an account you specify
-Lv2 RMG or Lv2 SMG
-Lv150 Pet (Str,Agi,Spr,Agi)
-1x ROSO Ring
-1x ROSO Neck
-Legend Wings

Exchange Center

Reputation to credits exchange rate will be changed from : 2000 rep : 1 credit to 1500 rep : to 1 credit

Credit to reputation rate will also be changed so that it does not create an inflation of extra credits/rep

Vote for Rewards

From now on, voting will come with bonuses!

This system will begin on Monday April 1st 2013

If you vote (on all links) successfully for 6 days straight, on the 7th day when you vote your credits that you can obtain will either become doubled or tripled! (It is random as to which you can get)

Example: I gain 85 credits for each voting link Monday - Saturday
On Sunday when i vote, the reward will be either 170 or 255 (For each voting link)

All the data will be set to zero again on the following Monday, so if you want to participate you would need to do so on that week!

(More information will be posted later)

Thank You,

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