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April 18 2013
by [Admin]Rage

Forum Event : [Get the screenie]

Hello Guys

so we will start the first forum event, hope everyone will participate.

this event is so easy, all you have to do is post the screenie i ask for here, and for every screenie you will get one point. in the end of the event the one with most points will win.

for example.
i ask for a screenie for you with one of dw bosses, so the first one who post it here get one point, then i ask for the next screenie. and so..

Duration : From 18 April Until 5 May

Your Choice of Lv150 pet

The first player who post the screenie will get the point.
you have to get exactly what i asked for, not something close to it.
dont turn the thread in to a chat thread to keep the event organized.
screenies will be asked in a random times to give a chance to everyone to participate.
When you post a screenie make sure to post your ingame name under it

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