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October 24 2013
by [Admin]Rage

Server Online - Patch [Oct 24th, 2013]

Hey guys, the server is now back online and the following has been done in-game

Please download new patch or run autopatcher

VIP Upgrade

VIP sets are now able to be upgraded to 110%! You must first purchase a VIP Cube from our item mall. VIP Cube is 18 item mall points (Not tradeable). VIP Cube Scribe is 45 item mall points(Gives 3x VIP Cubes) (Not tradeable).

Once you obtain your vip cube, head to any equipment upgrader, put your vip equipment in main slot and use the vip cube as a catalyst, you will then obtain a new equipment called (Fuseable)Vip. You are now able to fuse that as your new VIP set and upgrade it o 110% as you please.

Note: You keep ALL vip set effects while wearing fuseable vip.
Note*: Since the vip will be fused into an apparel, it will become tradeable
Note**: You must wear all 3 parts of vip set in order to gain vip set effects.

Halloween Town

Halloween town is back! The portal location is at the North Gate in Argent City. Inside Halloween Town you will see a bunch of mobs. These mobs drop farm these cards and on halloween day, you will be able to exchange them to the npc!

Inside Halloween Town there is also a boss. Halloween King, he drop a halloween goody bag. Once you open the good bag, you will gain 5x of each lollipop and additionally there is a 15% chance of gaining a random amount of Hydros fruit!

No more account server malfunction

This bug is finally gone and players do not have to worry about this anymore.

The server will still be restarted every thursday, but not to fix malfunction. Only for quick maintenances to prevent server from lagging.

Covert Fog

This has been fixed and merchants and champions are now able to use this

Rebirth Wings

Rebirth wings and skill books are no able to be deleted

Manual Name Changes

Tired of no GM/HD being on when you need a name change? Well now you can change your name on your own!

Head to our name change page to get started! A small guide has already been provided.

Other changes

-All payment methods except for google checkout/wallet are automatic now. Meaning once the payment is verified you will automatically get your item mall points.

-Lot's no longer give EXP

-Merchant Fearless weapons were added to npc



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