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January 13 2014
by [Admin]Rage

Transfer Services Upgraded!

Many people have been getting scammed by fakers pretending to transfer you credits/imps. Well I have upgraded this service!

Basically the sender will send the imps to the character like usual, but the receiver will have to "Accept" the pending transfer, meaning the receiver will be able to see the player who sends it ,the status of the transfer ,and the amount being transferred so you are certain that they have the IMPs/Credits. The receiver will then have to accept or decline the pending transfer and once accepted , the receiver and sender will see the status turn to "completed" or "rejected" based on the action the receiver chooses.

If the receiver does not get a "pending transfer" from the sender, they did not send it, thus you can see it as a scam. If the sender did successfully send but the receiver did not get it, the sender can always screenshot the transfer id that they received when they sent a transfer to that character from their transfer log.

I understand this is will not eliminate all the scams, but this should eliminate the players who scam and do not have any IMPs/Credits at all.

Step 1 (Sender View)

Step 2 (Sender View)

Step 3 (Sender View)

Step 4 (Receiver View)

Step 5 (Receiver View)

Step 6 (Receiver View)

Step 7 (Sender View)

Note: Receivers and Senders will have the same Transfer ID for that transfer. If you come across any problems with a transfer, send an email to us with the Transfer ID along with an explanation of your problem

Note*: The sender will only get their IMPs/Credits back if the Receiver Declines the transfer. Thus reversing the transfer
[Credits to Chris aka Pixel for his brilliant idea]

Thank You,

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