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February 10 2014
by [Admin]Rage

Server Online - Patch [Feb 10th, 2014]

Hi guys, server is back on so please run autopatcher to update your client.

If you cannot run autopatcher, please download this patch manually

Patch February 10th, 2014

Tradeable Chests

From now on when you purchase Valentines Ring or Rage/Sage Upgrade stones, they will come in side a chest which will be tradeable.

Once you open the chest, the items you get are Untradeable

Gem Combiner

The combiner has been upgraded! No longer will you need to "drop" or store you high level gems while combining. The NPC will only take level 1 gems

Special Thanks to Sultan

Apparel Fusion/Gem Combining/Item Forging

Many people have been having problems with these services, we have enhanced the scripts and there should be no errors while doing any of these.

If you do come across any error of some kind, the service will tell you what went wrong. Screenshot it and send it to us in a bug report

Note: This does not mean you will get your equipment back if you forget fusion catalyst. We still do not help with this!

Entity of Tsujin

The "bless potion" effect of this skill will not work while the character is in Chaos Argent, Bounty Hunter PK or Battle Royal. Instead the player will get a boost in defence and resistance.

Outside of the maps, the "bless potion" effect will work and you will not get the bonus defense and physical resistance

[BETA] Chaser

Beta Chaser will be available for 2 weeks, after that time period if all bugs are fixed/ no bugs are found, chaser will become an official map for ROSO.

For those of you who do not know what "Chaser" is.

(If you cannot see image, click it to view it larger)

Other Changes

-10m ,50m,and 100m notes are sellable back to NPCs for their value
-All guilds with less than 6 members are deleted
-Champion "Tattoos" are no longer an issue with apparel fusion
-Fusion Catalyst stackable to 99
-100 Bil, 500 Bil and 1 Trillion notes are added. [Visit NPC Charollete (86,105) in Demension Castle]

Thank You,

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