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3rd Draco~ 856 CA Points
4 -[Modified]- 807 CA Points
5 -Xena- 618 CA Points

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April 18 2014
by [Admin]Rage

Server Online - Patch [Apr 18th, 2014]

Hey guys server back online

Download the following patch if your autopatcher cannot update automatically

Patch April 18th, 2014

The following has been changed/updated/added

Master Scroll

Upon double clicking the master scroll to be reborn as a "Master", if your ROSO neck has gems, those gems will now be transffered into
the master necklace

Dodge/Miss "Cap"

The old dodge was capped at a 90% rate of missing, which meant that once the difference in HR/Dodge between you and your opponent was greater than 80, you
would always miss 90% of the time.

With the new formula, you are now able to "approach" "dodging" your opponent 100%.

With a 100 HR/Dodge difference before, the most I could "miss" on the opponent was 90%

Now with a 100 HR/Dodge difference, the most you could "miss" on an opponent is around 91%

The higher difference in HR/Dodge, the more your opponent will miss on you

Item Transfer Letter

Item transfer letter will now allow you to transfer 4th RB stones, Rage/Sage Upgrade Stones, and all of the Rage/Sage Mini stones.

Cooking and Manufactured Items

These items are now stackable to 400.

Also, the items Novice Chaos Vochure, Standard Chaos Vochure, Novice Monster Covenant, Standard Monster Covenant, Expert Monster Coveneant have been added to the game.

Novice and Standard chaos vochures has been added to the Chaos Chests in Chaos Argent.

Fox Demon in Death Forest will also drop these items

Event Boxes have been updated to also give these items

Icicle Mirage

Panda Boss has been relocated to Icicle Mirage!
Icicle Mirage:
-Portal Location (2718,659). [Teleport to Icespire Haven. It is to the right]
-Portal opens every 4 hours
-Portal stays open for 3 hours
-Map stays open for 3 hours 45 minutes

Panda Boss located at (80,201)

Forsaken City

The respawn time of forsaken city mobs has been reduced from 1 hour to 5minutes


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