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April 24 2014
by Unknown

[Event 4:00 PM] April Appreciation, APRIL 26TH,2014

The event will take place on: Saturday 26th April at roughly 4pm Server time

This event is based around everything good and fun that comes from April including special events like "April Fools and "Easter".

I have conducted an event for players to enjoy and hopefully can understand the idea behind the event to both fool and treat.

The plot:
The plot of the event is practically an Easter Egg hunt.
I will drop 1-3 Easter eggs in random locations at different times in all cities/regions and if you acquire 1 Easter egg from finding it then you can enter the raffle.
*NOTICE* They will only be spawned for around 60 seconds
Once you have the egg you can trade me the egg and you can choose between a selection of 1-47 items by choosing an inventory slot number.

You are required to have the last patch/update as in that update the Easter Egg was added.

Rewards (Not in inventory Order):
Kylin bow chest
2x 10m Notes
200k Reputation
Lv5 Excruciating Eye of Blackdragon
10x Level 3 Blackdragon gem scrolls
5x Accessory bags
5x 1b notes
5x Flashbombs Lv1
Kylin Necklace
1x Marriage chest
99x Blurry Blueprint
1x Kylin apparel chest
Fearless Necklace
1x Hydros fruit
2x 100% Forging fruits
1x Kylin chest
1x 2nd gem str pet lv126
1x 4th Reborn stone chest
4x Hydros fruits
10x Azrael chests
1x Unsealed fearless crusader sword
99x Kal Runestones
25x Roso chests
99x Elven fruit
99x Beards
99x Sticky mud cake
1x Lv1 Improved archer
1x Lv7 Ex eye
1x Lv2 Warriors speed
99x Roso coins
1x Lv5 Ex heart
5k Reputations
1x Lv2 Broken sage
1x Lv2 Fleeing shadow
1x Lv2 Blingding wind
1x Lv5 ex soul
10x Soro chests
99x Ice creams
25x Sealed Blueprints
7x 100m notes
20x Azrael chests
2x 100% combining fruits
99x Squid ink
1x Sage helmet
1x lv6 Refining gem.
1x Kylin ring
8x Kylin cards

This event is for fun and doesn't need to provide a lot of money/rewards for people to have fun.

Happy April - ROSO Team

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