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November 11 2014
by [Admin]Rage

[Forum Event] Fashionista!

Hello Guys
Its been so long since we had a forum event so i decided to bring some fun
The event is about the best look you can make ingame
Please make sure to read the rules before you participate .

Posted Image
  • Go ingame, and go to the apparels NPCs
  • Choose the apparels you like and create a unique look for your char.
  • Take a close Screenshot of your char with the look you created.
  • Go to and Submit your Screenie.
  • Make sure to write your exact char name under your screenie.

Posted Image
  • From 10.nov.2014
  • Until 20.nov.2014

Posted Image
  • 1st place : Your choice of Lv3 RMG or SMG.
  • 2nd place : Your choice of Lv2 RMG or SMG
  • 3rd place : Your choice of Lv1 RMG or SMG

Posted Image
  • Every player can participate with one look only.
  • Make sure to write your exact char name under your screenie.
  • You can only use the apparels in the npcs inside the game, Any customized part isnt allowed.
  • You can reply to this topic with any question but make sure to submit your entry in the participation topic.
  • Try not to have a fairy, wings, or glow on so your apparel can be seen clearly.
  • Winners will be chosen by me & GM Elixir .

‚ÄčIf you dont know how to post a pic. zoom on your char, then press the "Print screen" button on the keyboard. then open the "paint" program and post it there. crop it then save.

then go to any hosting website. i usually use " "

upload your screenie there then copy the direct link.

post a reply here, click on the green pic with a tree here "on top on the tool bar" and paste the link.

Well that's all.

Posted Image

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