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November 30 2014
by [Admin]Rage

[Forum Event] Thanksgiving Event

Hi Guys,
Hope this event will be fun and easy
All you have to do is collect as much as u can of food ingame items.
Please read below for the details.

How to participate :
Collect all food items u can ingame, can be from npcs, from mobs, pots, whatever, just have to be food.
Collect them in your inv then screen it . like this pic :

You will get one point for each item, no matter how many quantity u have of it, it will still be one point.
The one who Gets most points wins.
You should send ur screenie to my inbox along with your exact char name.
Dont post ur screenie here so none can cheat, ill post all the screenies together after the event finish.
Event Duration :
From 28.nov.2014
Til 3.Dec.2014
Rewards :
1st place : Potion pack.
2nd place : 15x Bless
3rd place : x10 Bless.

the icon of the item has to be some food, not the name. for an example i wont accept argent mango cuz the icon doesnt look like mango so yeah look for food icons (food as something we eat, dont send me bottles) xD

plz make sure to have all the items u can find b4 sending me the pic, dont re-send another pic later ill just accept the first one. i dont want spams >.>

Link to Event

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