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December 21 2014
by [Admin]Rage

Server Online - Patch [Dec 21st, 2014]

Hey guys, server is back online! Please run autopatcher to update your client. If you cannot run autopatcher, you can download the manual patch below.

Patch December 21st,2014

Christmas Village

Christmas Village has opened and you can find the teleporter to the village at Icicle Fountain

Inside Christmas village you will gain snowballs depending on how long you stay in there. You can exchange snowballs for fireworks at the many christmas trees located around the map.

You can also exchange Christmas greeting Cards for Candy Canes* at the Mini Christmas Trees.

Note: Christmas Village will be available until January 8th, 2015
Note*: More information on Candy Canes will be avaialble during the event news post.

Reverse Christmas Village

This is a pk map ! You will be able to pk other players! Once you kill a player, you will obtain Christmas Greeting Cards! These will be very important for events to come!

Portal Location : 130,156 Christmas Village
The map opens every 4 Hours
Portal stays open for 35 minutes
Map stays open for 55 minutes

But! There is a catch, once the portal closes, Evil Santa Claus will be summoned in the middle of the map! You must defeat him before the map closes or no players get any rewards!
If you try to get out of his range, he will summon you close to him!
If he is defeated before the map closes, if there is over 5 players still in the map before it closes, you will only get gold.
If the is between 2 and 5 players still in the map, you will get a Reverse Xmas Box
If there is only 1 player still in the map, the player will receive 3x Reverse Xmas Boxes

Note: Reverse Christmas Village will be available until January 8th, 2015
Note*: Reverse Xmas Boxes give random prizes ranging from good to bad.

Christmas Mobs

The mobs scattered around the main cities drop summoning scrolls and Christmas Greeting Cards. These will be very important for events to come!

Note: The christmas mobs will be available until January 8th, 2015

Other Changes

-Money Isle is removed. Sandbags can be spawned Argent, Shaitan or Icicle
-Starter Set will no longer be automatically removed. You are able to delete them when you no longer need it
-Healing Spring adjusted to heal 3,000+.
-Holy Judgement adjusted to do 3,000+ damage.
-Event Chests spawn time adjusted to every 6 hours


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