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40x Party-Exp
25x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth


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1st -[IfuSeeMeRuN]- 277 CA Points
2nd [-IfuSeeMeRuN-] 218 CA Points
3rd -Ark~yn- 151 CA Points
4 [LeRoiDeSnake.] 138 CA Points
5 ~z5~ 120 CA Points

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January 27 2015
by [Admin]Rage

Server is currently unstable.

Hey guys, Server is currently going to be on and off. The maintenance has been post poned until this is fixed. Not gonna bother adding anything new and you guys won't be able to enjoy it.

What is going on?

A person named Zankza who is the owner of FoxLv and ServerDev is targeting servers that are not being run on his hosting service. He is also trying to recruit players from those servers to play his own, claiming that the servers are unstable, when he is the reason for them to be unstable int he first place.

How is he doing it?

Well that is the thing, I am unsure as to how he is doing it. All I know is that he is taking advantage of a hole within the Game's original coding.

What will happen from now on?

I will be continuously trying to find a solution to this. I am sure many of you all are unhappy with this problem and I honestly apologize. The server will be going down at random times and I suggest you don't login, because you will not be enjoying yourself.

I will notify you all once I belive the server is stable again.

Thanks for your patience,

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