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Dec 01, 2022          06:25:59 AM

Server Rates
20x Solo-Exp 35x Solo-Exp
25x Party-Exp 40x Party-Exp
15x Drop-Rate 25x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth
Rates are boosted until December 2nd, 2022 11:59 PM


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Online nowOnline peak
The server is currently Online
+15% damage buff
Damage buff until December 2nd, 2022 11:59 PM
Stats update every 5minsView server uptime


Ranking List
Rank Player Score
1st SpallanZany 568
2nd Itachi- 419
3rd Alan+ 393
4th Drake* 345
5th [CoG]avetharun 329
6 l~[#Groggy#]~l 283
7 !Green* 196
8 *Insane~ 163
9 -[#24]+Wegzz~ 152
10 MakaBelico~ 84

May 13 2015
by [Admin]Rage

Server Online - Patch [May 13th, 2015]

Hey guys, server is back online!

Download the following patch if your autopatcher cannot update your client automatically
- Patch May 13th, 2015 -

Cape Enhancements

[Socket Cape]

You will now be able to socket your Terror Capes. In order to do so, you must obtain a Metnoc Stabilizer. Available in the IGShop. Once you have the stabilizer head over to Tower Administrator and click Socket Cape. .
SocketSuccess rate
Socket 1 90%
Socket 2 80%
Socket 3 50%

[Embed Cape]

There are 10 new gems that you can embed into your Terror Cape! Each gem can only be improved to Lv5 at most.

In order to embed one of the Contem Stones in your Cape, click Embed Cape and place your Cape with the Stone in the correct spot.

Note: The effects of the stones only work on the player who has the stone embedded in their cape. Ex: Player A has 500 dodge. Player B has Lv3 Contem Hynema (-30 opponents dodge) in Cape. Player C has no embedded stones in Cape. The dodge of Player A will be 470 to Player B, but will still be 500 to Player C.

[Enhance Cape]

You are now able to enhance your Terror Capes!

Lv7 Terror Cape1x Blood of My EnemiesLv7 Terror Cape - Redeemed
Lv7 Terror Cape1x Specter's EssenceLv7 Terror Cape - Evil
Lv7 Terror Cape1x Champion's RoarLv7 Terror Cape - Mighty
Lv7 Terror Cape1x Thief's ShroudLv7 Terror Cape - Shrouded
Lv7 Terror Cape1x Archer's EyeLv7 Terror Cape - Sniper

You can purchase each enhancement item from the Item Mall for 15 Item mall points

Note: Enhancing your capes or upgrading from (LvX) -> (LvX+1) will keep all gems.


All of the speed potions are now stackable to 400.

Event Chests

Event chests have been modified. The first player to attack the chest will get the prize.


The cooldowns for fairy possession have been serversided in order to prevent multiple uses of the skill using Cheat Engine.

Player sales to NPC

This has been a problem for a while and now the game will give you notes when you sell an item to npc and your total gold exceeds 2billion.

Before: Sell item costing 500mil and you have 1.7billion gold in inventory, game restes your gold to 0.

Now: Sell item costing 500mil and you have 1.7billion gold in inventory, game will give you the amount of notes equal to 500mil.

ROSO team

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