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October 23 2015
by [Admin]Elixir

Update Log [October 25th, 2015]

In this patch, we've made a lot of small changes. In the hopes to give new players a push in the right direction, we've also changed what items players can use when they first start out.

An Easier Start

In an effort to kick start new players' progression, we've made Grandiose set pieces free to all players. This can be purchased at the Unseal Shop in Shaitan. {902,3564}
To compliment this, Temple of Lilith has now been closed:
- Temple of Lilith tickets will no longer work when double-clicked.
- Old Man Lilith has been moved to Icicle Fountain.
- Players still in the temple have been moved to Argent Fountain.
- Any remaining Grandiose Ropes you may have can be exchanged at any vendor for 100,000 gold each.

Forsaken City

We've updated every boss and chest inside of Forsaken City! In addition, we've made a couple quality-of-life changes to the map itself.
- Portal to Forsaken City II open for the entire duration of the map.
- Player randomly spawns between multiple locations to prevent spawnkilling.
Here's a breakdown of all the changes to bosses and chests:

Forsaken City I

Sorrow Captain

- Cracked gem of Rage
- Chipped Gem of Rage
- 1-4 Azrael Glare Chest
- 25x Forsaken Medal

Sorrow Archer Captain

- Cracked gem of Striking
- Chipped Gem of Striking
- 1-4 Azrael Aggregation Chest
- 25x Forsaken Medal

Wailing Captain

- Cracked gem of Colossus
- Chipped Gem of Colossus
- 1-4 Undead Azrael chest
- 25x Forsaken Medal

Wailing Archer Captain

- Cracked gem of Soul
- Chipped Gem of Soul
- 1-4 Azrael Light Chest
- 25x Forsaken Medal

Abandoned Chest I

- Cracked gem of Striking
- Cracked gem of Rage
- Cracked gem of Colossus

Forsaken City II

Abandoned Chest II

- Cracked gem of Striking
- Chipped gem of Rage
- Chipped gem of Soul

Forsaken City III

Abandoned Chest III

- Chipped gem of Striking
- Cracked gem of Rage
- Chipped gem of Colossus

Death Knight

Hydros fruit
1-4 Undead Azrael Chest
1-4 Azrael Light Chest
1-4 Azrael Glare Chest
Repuation Card Chest

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