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Dec 01, 2023          02:00:04 AM

Server Rates
20x Solo-Exp 35x Solo-Exp
25x Party-Exp 40x Party-Exp
15x Drop-Rate 25x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth
Rates are boosted until December 3rd, 2023 11:59 PM


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Online nowOnline peak
The server is currently Online
+20% damage buff
Damage buff until December 3rd, 2023 11:59 PM
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Ranking List
Rank Player Score
1st ~Lizzy 7,234
2nd [#24]+Savage~ 4,269
3rd ~*Jutyx*~ 3,886
4th Tycoon~ 3,830
5th SpallanZany 2,964
6 l~[#Groggy#]~l 2,324
7 [CoG]avetharun 1,430
8 -[#24]+Wegzz~ 1,412
9 zSkill. 1,339
10 [Narco] 1,309

March 13 2016
by [Admin]Rage

Server Online - Patch [Mar 13th, 2016]

Hey players, the server is back online!

Download the following patch if your autopatcher cannot update your client automatically.
- Patch March 13th, 2016 -

Note: Place mouse over icons to see details.

New Blueprints

We have added new blueprints to the server!
Novice BlueprintStandard BlueprintElite Blueprint

Obtainable From the Following Mobs
-Snowman Warlord
-Pirate Captain 008
-Elder Wyvern
-Black Dragon
-Deathsoul Commander
-Artic Witch

Double click the new blueprints to obtain either a Manufacturing, Cooking, or Crafting blueprint.

Note: Only Elite blueprint has a 100% chance to give you a new blueprint. Standard has a 90% Chance and Novice has a 75% chance.

Kylin Sigil/ Fearless Sigil

How To Obtain: Manufacturing.

The Items that are required for each sigil, are their apparel counterpart.

Once you have the sigil, place it on your 4th inventory slot to gain it's effect.

Note: The blueprints for the sigil's are only obtainable from Novice, Standard or Elite blueprint

New Potions

There are 6 New Potions that player's can cook up!
IconMaterial 1Material 2Material 3
Strengthening Gem (4-6)xEnchanted Bottle (1-3)xElven Royal Signet (1-3)x
Strengthening Gem (4-6)xMysterious Cloth (1-3)xElven Signet (5-8)x
Strengthening Gem (4-6)xEnchanted Bottle (1-3)xElven Signet (5-8)x
Strengthening Gem (4-6)xMysterious Cloth (1-3)xDark Ember (1-3)x
Strengthening Gem (4-6)xEnchanted Bottle (1-3)xHydros Fruit Fragment (1-3)x
Strengthening Gem (4-6)xElven Signet (4-6)xBlack Powder (1-5)x

Note: Each of the potions above can only be obtainable by cooking. Their cooking blueprints can be obtainable from Novice, Standard or Elite Blueprints

Bounty System

Don't like somebody? Well now you can get other players to target them for you!

You can exchange a 1-bil note for a Bounty Slip

What is it?
-Double click a Bounty Slip and target the player you wish to place the bounty on!
-Whoever kills that player will be rewarded their bounty.
-Each player can have a maximum of 5 bounties placed on their head
-You cannot place a bounty on yourself

Dark Swamp

Dark Swamp has been re-vamped, again!

For starters, we have separated the FC/DS Exchanger into 2 different NPCS

In the DS Exchanger, you are now able to exchange chipped gems for Strengthening Gems!
1x Chipped = 1x Strengthening Gem

From now on, there will be 2 Gate Keepers! You must defeat both gate keepers before the following will appear.
-Obscure Chest 2
-Obscure Chest 3
-Huge Mud Monster

Here are the new changes for mob stats and drops!

Gatekeeper 1
Location: 307,319
HP: 15,000,000
Attack: 65,000
Defense: 3,500
Skill: Colossus Smash (10%)
Skill: Bare Hand (90%)

Drop Table:
Enchanted Bottle (50%)
Enchanted Bottle (25%)
Mysterious Cloth (50%)
Mysterious Cloth (25%)
Dark Ember (50%)
Dark Ember (25%)
Strengthening Gem (100%)
Strengthening Gem (100%)

Gatekeeper 2
Location: 91,89
HP: 1,000,000
Attack: 60,000
Defense: 15,000

Drop Table:
Enchanted Bottle (50%)
Mysterious Cloth (25%)
Dark Ember (50%)
Strengthening Gem (100%)
Strengthening Gem (100%)
Black Powder (100%)
Black Powder (35%)
Black Powder (15%)

Obscure Chest 1
HP: 5,500,000

Drop Table:
Chipped Gem of Striking (100%)
Chipped Gem of the Wind (100%)
Chipped Gem of Soul (50%)
Strengthening Gem (15%)
Dark Ember (20%)
Dark Ember (15%)

Obscure Chest 2
HP: 6,000,000

Drop Table:
Chipped Gem of Colossus (100%)
Chipped Gem of Rage (100%)
Chipped Gem of the Wind (25%)
Strengthening Gem (20%)
Mysterious Cloth (15%)
Mysterious Cloth (10%)

Obscure Chest 3
HP: 6,000,000

Drop table:
Chipped Gem of Soul (100%)
Chipped Gem of Striking (50%)
Chipped Gem of the Wind (25%)
Strengthening Gem (20%)
Enchanted Bottle (20%)
Enchanted Bottle (15%)

Swamp Warden

HP: 6,500,000
Defense: 2,500
Drop table:
Chipped Gem of Soul (10%)
Chipped Gem of the Wind (15%)
Enchanted Bottle (3%)
Mysterious Cloth (3%)
Dark Ember (3%)

Auto Patcher

We have a brand new auto patcher!
-Improved News Display
-Added Events Box
-Added Maps Closing Box
-Improved Patch Downloading
-Improved Coding
-Added Client Sync Option*
-Improved Game Options Page

With the new patcher, players are now able to change their client's glow state easily!

What difference does glow state make?

This should help all players be able to remove effects as they please.

Once we have completed our ROSO GUI, you will be able to download it to your client as well. Don't worry, it will not remove your current GUI. You will be able to switch your client GUI freely as well!

Note*: By syncing your client, any changes that you may have done to your client will be removed as it will be defaulted to our original client.

Class Changes


-Conch ray damage increase in Chaos Argent & Chaos Tundra


-Entity of Tsujin no longer applies invincibility in Demonic World. Will instead boost defense.


-Lashata's Covenance SP restored:100% -> 35%
-Lashata's Covenance cooldown reduced by 2 seconds.
-Reduced Strength scaling by 50%

Seal Master

-Seal duration decreased by 50% while in Bounty Hunter PK.
-Reduced Strength scaling by 50%
-Cursed fire defense reduction per level: 2% -> 1.5%


-System message for opponent fairy berserk has been removed
-Loveline disabled in Volcano Island and PvP Arena
-Anti-Botting System will now temporarily ban players from entering the server who enter the code incorrectly 3 times in a row for 30minutes.
-Server Time adjusted to NOT automatically change to Daylight Savings Time. The server time zone from now on will always be Eastern Standard Time
-Added "/time" command to view the current server time
-Removal of all Guilds with less than 10 members
-Fixed the issue where timed equipment can be dropped
-Hydros Fruits can now be double-clicked to obtain 10x Hydros Fruit Fragment. (Not reversible)
-For more information on Custom Appareals, please check out the guide

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