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Oct 17, 2021          05:23:10 PM

Server Rates
20x Solo-Exp 35x Solo-Exp
25x Party-Exp 40x Party-Exp
15x Drop-Rate 25x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth
Rates are boosted until October 31st, 2021 11:59 PM


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Navy GuildsPirate Guilds
Online nowOnline peak
The server is currently Online
+15% damage buff
Damage buff until October 31st, 2021 11:59 PM
Stats update every 5minsView server uptime


Ranking List
Rank Player Score
1st `Alan 9,001
2nd [Dean-Ambrose] 6,610
3rd Mort^SuBiT 6,179
4th -[#24]+Wegzz~ 5,612
5th [Narco] 4,857
6 Koto#16 4,761
7 [#13Ursula#14] 4,749
8 zSkill. 4,243
9 [DC]Hava 4,185
10 [r]-SS~ 3,180

May 13 2016
by [Admin]Rage

Server Online - Patch [May 12th, 2016]

Hey players, the server is back online!

Download the following patch if your autopatcher cannot update your client automatically.
- Patch May 12th, 2016 -

Note: Place mouse over any icons to see details.

Player Level 175

The max level has been updated to 175!

[How to level]

Abaddon 1-4 has been reworked!

Players can still enter Abaddon through the same NPC near Argent Teleporter.

To enter, players will need an Abaddon Entrance Ticket. These can be obtained through CA/BH rewards or through Ascendant Chests.
Each tier of Abaddon houses different monster levels. The following are the levels for each tier of Abaddon:

- Abaddon 1: Lv150-155
- Abaddon 2: Lv160-165
- Abaddon 3: Lv170
- Abaddon 4: Lv175-180

Note: players will not immediately receive stat points upon leveling up.

[How to obtain stat points]

- Players can exchange Ascendant Shards for stat points after each level through the Stats Administrator.
- Each exchange will provide 2 stat points which can be assigned to any primary stat.

The Ascendant Shard exchange rate for each level are as follows:
Level - CardAscendant Shard

Pet Orbs

Pet Orbs are a new feature! They are essentially brand new pet skills!

Self DestructConfusionDizzyRestoration


[How to obtain]

You can get an Orb Bag for winning the following maps
   ~Chaos Argent
   ~Bounty Hunter PK
   ~Chaos Tundra
They are also obtainable inside of the Raid Feature.

[How to Feed]

In order to feed your fairy one of the Pet Orbs, your fairy cannot have any existing Pet Skill.
To remove your fairy's skill, you need to purchase the Pet Skill Remove from our Ingame Shop.
Note1: This will only remove the Fairy Skills. Pet orbs will not be removed.

[How to Combine]

In order to combine your Pet Orbs into the next level, you will need different amounts depending on what level the Orb Maxes out at.
You can find the exchanger in Shaitan City (894,3550) next to the Pet Mall.
Max Level 3
30x Lv11x Lv2
25x Lv21x Lv3

Max Level 5
8x Lv11x Lv2
8x Lv21x Lv3
6x Lv31x Lv4
4x Lv41x Lv5

Max Level 9
4x Lv11x Lv2
4x Lv21x Lv3
4x Lv31x Lv4
3x Lv41x Lv5
2x Lv51x Lv6
2x Lv61x Lv7
2x Lv71x Lv8
2x Lv81x Lv9

[Other Info]

-Every time the Pet Orbs effect activates, your fairy's stamina will decrease by 30.
-Pet Orbs will not active if your fairy has less than 50 stamina
-We have added Great Fairy Ration and Great Auto Ration to the Ingame Shop.
These new rations will completely fill up your fairy's stamina. They can be stacked up to 30x.

Note1: Each pet can only have up to 2 different orbs.
Note2: After each orb has taken effect, they will use up 30 fairy stamina
Note3: Pet Orbs will have the same effect as "Standard Magic" as well as "Standard Meditation" so you do **NOT** need that skill on your fairy.
Note4: The Pet Orb "Revive" will only have a chance to take effect 30 seconds after your initial time of death.


"Garden of the Snake Queen"

This is an objective-based maze which will require players to work together to reach, and defeat, the boss.

Map times:
Friday & Saturday, 1PM server time.
Map duration: 8 hours (closing at 9PM server time), or until the boss is defeated.


-Players must be advanced to a second-tier class (Crusader, Sharpshooter, Cleric, Merch, etc.) to enter the map.
-Only players above lv136 can enter.


Players must start by defeating 3 Cursed Seals.

After defeating the Cursed Seals, participants will need to defeat 3 mini bosses.

Queen Fox Sage can be easily defeated by magic class characters (Cleric, Seal Master, Voyager).

Lizardman Commander should be targetted by melee class characters {Champion, Crussader, Merchant, SharpShooter}.

King Zefoo Man can be defeated by all classes.

Following the defeat of the three mini bosses, the raid boss will unseal.
This boss will also feature our new boss AI.

The following skills will not have effect inside of the raid:
[Master Teleport]
[Marriage Speed] - MVSP given with marriage party

[Raid Weapons]

There are brand new Raid Weapons players can obtain!
Blade of WyvernHell Sky's WillTidal's DaggerGun of the Abyss

Drakan's SoulArchangel's StaffEssence of HydrosEssence of Hydros(Cutter)

You can obtain these weapons by upgrading your existing Hydros Weapons using a Raid Crystal .

You are able to exchange 40x Raid Shards for 1x Raid Crystal.
You are able to exchange 40x Raid Shards for 2x Dual Weap Raid Crystal .
You are able to interchange between 1x Raid Crystal and 2x Dual Weap Raid Crystal.

Raid Shards are obtainable once you complete the Raid.

Temporary Bag

For the longest time, our temporary bag has really had no use other than to store our fairy coins, signets etc.
Now the slots have been expanded to 48 so players can now have more space in their inventories!

The following will now only have effect inside of your temporary bag.
   ~Rage/Sage Runestone
   ~Fearless Sigil
   ~Kylin Sigil
   ~Fourth RB Wings (Only one will be in effect at a time)
   ~VIP Effect Removal
   ~Marriage Certificate
   ~No-Exp Stone

[Sending items to Temporary Bag]

By default players are not able to place items in their temporary bag manually, however since the update, players can use the command "/temp" to send items in their 4th inventory slot to their temporary bag.

*As of now, only the items listed above that will have effect in your temporary bag can be sent there with the command "/temp"

Note1: If any of the items listed above are in your inventory, they will **NOT** take effect, only from temporary bag now.
Note2: For 4th RB Wings, in order to change the wings, you must still place them back in your inventory, exchange at NPC then send it back to your temp bag.
Note3: If after 4th RB you did not obtain love line skill back, you must still place the marriage certificate back in your inventory, visit Priest at Church and then send it back to your temp bag.
Note4: Chaos Tundra and Tundra Path will also check your temp bag for Rage/Sage Runestones before letting you enter.

SP Requirement

Skills were originally never meant to be spammed in succession. Because of the abnormal stat growth in roso, SP requirement is currently non-existent.
We are solving this by increasing the requirements for each skill: each class will have different SP costs for each of their unique skills. Toggle skills (Crusader stealth, Sharpshooter cloak) will now remove an increased amount of SP per second.
SkillNew SP Requirement
Conch Ray450 SP
Lightning Bolt375 SP
Almighty Uproar950 SP
Illusion Slash175 SP
Berserk290 SP
Primal Rage425 SP
Entity of Tsujin450 SP
Titan's Fury450 SP
Howl135 SP
Mighty Strike135 SP
Break Armor50 SP
Tiger Roar50 SP
Cloak75 SP/s
Rousing65 SP
Dual shot125 SP
Frozen Arrow135 SP
Meteor Shower115 SP
Cripple175 SP
Enfeeble200 SP
Shadow Slash250 SP
Stealth75 SP/s
Heal550 SP
Spiritual Bolt500 SP
Recover175 SP
Harden100 SP
Spiritual Fire100 SP
Tempest Boost100 SP
True Sight310 SP
Tornado Swirl100 SP
Angelic Shield100 SP
Healing Spring350 SP
Firaga500 SP
Spiritual Aid500 SP
Crystalline Blessing200 SP
Revival350 SP
Seal of Elder550 SP
Shadow Insignia500 SP
Mytho Transmutation350 SP
Ecliptic Shielding175 SP

Boss AI

What is the new AI? Before the bosses were just mindlessly attacking players and randomly doing skills.

Now the bosses have more intelligence. They will analyze the players who are attacking them and retaliate appropriately.

Example Patterns

-Being meleed? Seals attacker to prevent melee for X amount of seconds.
-Skills being casted upon them? Seals attacker to prevent skills for X amount of seconds.
-HP is low? Random chance to heal a bit of their HP or go invincible for X secs.
-Currently sealed? Removes any seals in effect

The following bosses have obtained this new AI
   ~Master Pet
   ~Lava Dragon
   ~Volcanic beast
   ~Hell Sky
   ~Death Soul Commander
   ~Black Dragon
   ~Pirate Captain 008 (Panda)
   ~Wandering Soul
   ~Demonic Snowman Warlord
   ~Huge Mud Monster
   ~Succubus of Hell
   ~Warrior Demon

Note1: The bosses will not always do these patterns. They will occur at random times and the bosses will then analyze which pattern will be the most effective for their chance of survival.

Totems Event

The old event chest system has become quite buggy with the new features that we have been adding lately. To solve this, we have improved how this event will work.

Essentially the goals are the same. Be the first to find the Totem Areas.
However, this time, you are not required to kill them. You must stand inside of their "areas" for 5 seconds.

Once you have stood there for 5 seconds, the system will register you as the winner and you will obtain your prize.

Note1:The first player who stands in the area will be considered first since their countdown will start earlier than others.

Improved Connections

We noticed that many players have high ping connecting to our server, resulting in them lagging a lot. To better solve this, we now have "channels" across the globe!

Simply choose the channel that is closest to your location and connect to it!

As of now, there are 4 channels.
-North America
-West Europe
-East Europe

We may be planning on adding more in the future

Note1: Your accounts are the same across each channel, the only difference will be the host's location that you are connecting to, which will improve your connection speed overall.

Game Skin

It is finally here! Our very own customized ROSO User Interface!

[How to get]

There are currently 2 ways to obtain the new skin!
-1.) Download the - Patch May 12th, 2016 - which includes it
-2.) Open your ROSO Launcher, Head over to the options panel, and click the "Download" button next to the option "Skin/UI"

Do not worry! Your current skin will NOT be replaced!
In fact you are now able to easily switch between skins via the ROSO Launcher

Note1: We are aware that some frames are still the default, we are working to convert all the frames to our skin, and they will be added to patches when they are completed.
Note2: The client sync function on your ROSO Launcher will also sync your skin to the ROSO skin
Note3: Feel free to give us any suggestions/feedback regarding the skin.


-Removal of all Guilds with less than 10 members
-Addition of a new player command "/boss". This is similar to our Boss Information page on our website, but condensed for players to view it ingame.

Coming Soon

- New quest lines
- Additional Raid maps

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