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2nd Cute~. 169 CA Points
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4 [M]odified 130 CA Points
5 [*Igniz*] 113 CA Points

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July 28 2011
by [Admin]Rage

Whose That Lucky Player?!

Well i'm gonna copy this event from another server i saw and i liked this event :P (Credits to that server, forgot the name :D)

Event Details:
Well right now we are currently at 8663 accounts registered! The players goal is to be the 9000th account registered! The winner will obtain 15 imps.

1. You can not register more than 3 accounts for this (To stop some idiots for spam-account making) if i find more than 5 accounts made on your ip, you will be disqualified from the event and you will be IP-banned from server for 72 hours.

Accounts Made Before this event do not count

2. All accounts that would be eligible to apply for this event will have to be made after the 8670th account.

3. The winning account will have the choice to get the imps on that 9000th account, or whichever one they choose.

4. The 9000th account WILL be posted on the server news site so please (if this is your alt account) do not make it so similar to your main.

5. Have Fun!

Thanks, ROSO Team

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