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Dec 07, 2023          08:50:15 AM

Server Rates
20x Solo-Exp
25x Party-Exp
15x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth


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Ranking List
Rank Player Score
1st ~Lizzy 7,246
2nd [#24]+Savage~ 4,256
3rd Tycoon~ 3,989
4th ~*Jutyx*~ 3,886
5th SpallanZany 3,086
6 l~[#Groggy#]~l 2,341
7 [CoG]avetharun 1,430
8 -[#24]+Wegzz~ 1,412
9 zSkill. 1,339
10 Strongarm 1,330

November 29 2016
by [Admin]Rage

Update Log [Nov 29th, 2016]

Hey players,

We have applied a new patch on Nov 29th, 2016.

Download the following patch if your autopatcher cannot update your client automatically.

Update Details

[Update #1]Starter system has been imporved once more! Players will now also obtain a Lv75 pet of their choice when creating a character. Simply double click which stat you want and you'll obtain a Lv75 pet with that stat.

Note1: You can only select one of the pets. Once you double click the pet you want, the others will be removed.
Note2: You cannot obtain a pet without all 5 of the pet cards in your inventory.

[Update #2] Player(s) currently using starter set and new player(s) who open up the Starter Chest will now have a 1-week protection period as long as your character is fully equipped with all of the starter item(s) for your class.

[Starter Protection]
-99% damage taken reduced
-400% damage dealt to opponents

This protection will only take effect in the following maps
-Forsaken City
-Demonic World
-Hell House
-Hell Chapter
-Death Forest
-Tundra Path
-Kyjj 1-3

Note1: If < Player 1 > and < Player 2 > are both under the effect of the Starter Protection and they attack each other, the Starter Protection effect will be removed and they will deal normal damage as if they were outside of those maps listed above.
Note2: If your starter equipment's durability is 0, the Starter Protection will be invalid even if you still have time left on the starter protection.

[Update #3] Hell House and Hell Chapter are permanently open. They will no longer have portals. In order to get to these maps, visit the [Leveling Administrator] in Shaitan City (892,3581)

[Update #4] Fixed a bug that involved Merchants not being able to open Lv35-75 Starter Weapons Chest.
[Update #5] Added player command /buff that will now show any additional buffs that a player may receive that is calculated towards your true damage.

-Any server buffs that would be in effect (Mayor's Request from past event)
-Starter Protection
-Guild War Buffs
-(Coming Soon)Purchase-able guild benefits.

Monthly Chaos Argent Ranking

Think your the best? Try out your skill in Chaos Argent! Challenge others and see if you can make it to the top 3 players!

Each player throughout the month will be recorded on the number of chaos points earned inside chaos argent.

At the end of the month, players receive rewards based on their ranking, and a participation reward for people who did not make it to top 3.
1st Place2nd Place3rd Place

Tier 1 Reward Card

Tier 2 Reward Card

Tier 3 Reward Card
Players can then exchange each of the tier cards for their respective RMG or SMG chest.
Tier 1 Reward Card Exchange

RMG Winner's Chest
1x + 1x + 50x + 10x + 10x

SMG Winner's Chest
1x + 1x + 50x + 10x + 10x
Tier 2 Reward Card Exchange

RMG Runner-up Chest
1x + 50x + 25x + 8x + 7x

SMG Runner-up Chest
1x + 50x + 25x + 8x + 7x
Tier 3 Reward Card Exchange

RMG Monthly Chest
1x + 15x + 15x + 7x + 5x

SMG Monthly Chest
1x + 15x + 15x + 7x + 5x

Note1: Chaos Points obtained outside of Chaos Argent will not be counted
Note2: Chaos Points will now only be added to player(s) who obtained them "legitimately" while inside of Chaos Argent.
Note3: The ranking will officially begin on Thursday, December 1st, 2016 at 12:00 AM. Until then, CA will proceed as normal.
Note4: The rankings will replace the current Player Rankings on the website's side bar and will be updated every hour at the :50 minute mark.
Note5: Prizes will be delivered to winner's storage box on the last day of every month at 11:55 PM. Player(s) can then exchange their Tier card at the Chaos Administrator in Icicle City for their RMG/SMG chest.

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