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1st [LeRoiDeSnake.] 884 CA Points
2nd -[If]uSeeMeRuN- 696 CA Points
3rd ~Alex~ 594 CA Points
4 `Esco~#68~ 505 CA Points
5 -[Dangerous]- 435 CA Points

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April 6 2017
by [Admin]Rage

Update Log [Apr 6th, 2017]

Hey players,

We have applied a new patch on Apr 6th, 2017.

Download the following patch if your autopatcher cannot update your client automatically.

Update Details

[Update #1] Fixed the bug of ToT/Guild Bosses disappearing

[Update #2] Increased amount of Pirate 007 mobs in Autumn Island

[Update #3] Increased the rate and amount of Elven Signets you obtain from Pets

[Update #4] Decathlon now announces system-wide when it starts

Prize Alterations
For every task you complete, you'll get a 1% EXP Scroll, 2x 10m notes, and a Black Dragon Gem Vochure

Once you've completed all 10 tasks, you'll get a 10% EXP Scroll and 3x 100m notes

[Update #5] Added the missing glows to many apparel weapons. (More will be added soon)

[Update #6] Master Teleportation stun has been removed.

Note1: It seems that the 50% was not working as we originally intended. It was meant for players to stop relying on the skill, however it became more of a "who was luckier" with the skill instead.

So we have decided to remove the stun completely. We may end up adding it back in the future, but for now we strongly believe that PK will be more fun and interesting without it.

[Update #7] Forging will no longer allow players to use higher level gems to forge lower levels. It must be the exact next level gem.

Equipment has Lv4 Gem of Rage, you could use Lv9 Gem of Rage/Ref to forge into the Equipment to get to Lv5 Gem of Rage.

Equipment has Lv4 Gem of Rage, you now need Lv5 Gem of Rage/Ref to forge

Note1: This change is due to players accidently forging the wrong level gems into their equipment and ending up wasting their higher level gem.

[Update #8] Added a timer in between uses of Flash Bombs and Blessed/Royal potions.

Flash Bombs:
Once you've used Lv2+ Flash Bomb, you must wait 5 seconds before you can use a Lv3 or 4 Flash Bomb.

Blessed/Royal Potion:
Once you've used a Blessed Potion, you must wait 6 seconds before you can use a Royal Potion.

If you have used a Royal Potion, you must wait 8 seconds before you can use a Blessed potion.

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