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May 4 2017
by [Admin]Rage

[8:00PM - 11:59PM] Maintenance May 8th, 2017

Hello players,

We will be going under maintenance for approximately 4 hours on Monday May 8th, 2017.

Starting Time: 8:00 PM (Server Time)
Estimated Ending Time: 11:59PM (Server Time)

Maintenance Details

1.) Increasing the magic damage dealt inside the following maps
    -Bounty Hunter PK
    -Chaos Shaitan
    -Chaos Tundra
    -Chaos Argent
2.) Changing the rewards gained from the following maps
    -Bounty Hunter PK
    -Chaos Shaitan
    -Chaos Argent
3.) Removing the following maps
    -Battle Royal
    -Kyjj 1
4.) Modifying the following maps
    -Kyjj 2 (Non-pk, Black Dragon Mobs added)
5.) Master Teleportation stun will be added back at 100%
6.) Eden will be modified to have 3 modes (Easy, Normal, Hard). Prizes will be rewarded based on the mode.
7.) The following items will be stackable to 400
    -Revival Clovers
    -Magical Clovers
    -Voodoo Puppets
8.) You will now be able to abandon Guild Missions
9.) A Daily Login calendar will be added.
10.) Modifying the following skills
    -Windwalk: MVSPD decreased from 3% per level to 2%
    -Illusion Slash: Damage has been increased by 20%
    -Lashata's Covenance: Changes previously have been reverted.
11.) The following items will now be trade-able. Item Transfer letter will be discontinued.
    -Rage Runestone
    -Sage Runestone
    -Rage Set Stone
    -Sage Set Stone
    -Rage Mini Stone Piece 1-3
    -Sage Mini Stone Piece 1-3
As always the complete details of everything to be done in this update will be in a separate news post once the server is back online.

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