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July 9 2017
by [Admin]Rage

Update Log [Jul 9th, 2017]

Hey players,

We have applied a new patch on Jul 9th, 2017.

Download the following patch if your autopatcher cannot update your client automatically.

Update Details

[Update #1] Added the following custom apparels

-White Dragon Sky Set & Weapons
-TheFlyBoy Set & Weapons
-Osiris Dagger & Zoorin Sword
-Orenji no Arabella~ Set & Weapons
-Carlos Armors & Weapons
-Winged Seraph* Set

[Update #2] Master Pet and LavaDragon(4thRB) have been added back to the bosses re-spawn time list!

Note1: Bosses killed from Summoning Scrolls will not reset the original boss's timer.

[Update #3] Removed portals to Arena 1-3 and replaced with a portal to Dream Island

[Update #4] Added Kylin Mobs and Rage Sage Chests in Dream Island
MobLocations - Dream Island
Rage Sage Chest
(364, 653), (336, 590), (447, 588), (425, 643)
Kylin Mob
(393, 565), (416, 535), (450, 560), (367, 572),
(338, 549), (334, 606)

Note1: The re-spawn time for the Kylin Mobs is 1 hour. The re-spawn time for ROSO Chests is 30 minutes

[Update #5] Re-located Master Quest NPCs and updated the Quests Descriptions. You can see find the new locations in our new Master Quest Guide .
Master Quest Guide

[Update #6] You can now use a ROSO Necklace to open a Master Skills Scroll in order to obtain the skills Master Roar and Master Teleportation after you have completed Fourth Rebirth.

[Update #7] Added a Runic Sigil

[How to Obtain - Step 1]
You must first get 3x Shattered Sigils

You can obtain them from Raid Dragon Igneel and Snake Queen.
Raid Dragon IgneelSnake Queen

Note1: These will have a 30 second protection time when they drop.
Note2: Snake Queen drops 2x Shattered Sigils, and Raid Dragon drops 1x.

[How to Obtain - Step 2]
Once you have 3x Shattered Sigils AND a Runic Kylin Apparel set UNFUSED, head on over to Raid Administrator in Argent City (2229,2795) and select Runic Sigil option.

Confirm that you have the required items

Then select "Obtain Runic Sigil"

You will now be given a Runic Sigil that will give you the same effect as the Apparel Set.

Note1: You will not be able to continue if your Runic Kylin Apparel is gemmed or fused. Make sure you have done Apparel Fission on the set before you start.
Note2: You must send the Runic Sigil to your temporary bag in order to have effect. Place it on your 4th inventory slot and use the command "/temp"
Note3: You WILL lose the Apparel Runic Kylin Set upon gaining the Runic Sigil
Note4: Runic Sigil is not trade-able or drop-able.

[Update #8] Fixed a bug that prevented Chaos Tundra and Chaos Shaitan rankings from updating

[Update #9] Changed the following map's opening times

-Chaos Shaitain now opens every 2 hours instead of 3
-Chaos Tundra now opens every 2 hours instead of 1 Chaos Tundra is back to every 1 hour

[Update #10] Changed Kylin Weapons level requirement from 95 to 40

[Update #11] Skating Potion and Weightless Potions have been combined! Use either one of them and you'll get the movement speed bonus of them both.

Note1: The effects will not stack. Once you've used either of the potions, your movement speed will not increase further.

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