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Apr 22, 2024          02:11:58 PM

Server Rates
20x Solo-Exp
25x Party-Exp
15x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth


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Ranking List
Rank Player Score
1st ~Lizzy 7,793
2nd Zenpie#86 4,824
3rd -[#24]+Wegzz.~ 4,776
4th SpallanZany 4,636
5th ~*Jutyx*~ 4,546
6 Strongarm 2,721
7 l~[#Groggy#]~l 2,412
8 Star~ 2,042
9 -[#24]+Wegzz~ 1,937
10 zSkill. 1,771

October 15 2017
by [Admin]Rage

Server Online - Patch [Oct 15th, 2017]

Hey players,

The server is back online! Please make sure to download the newest patch or you'll be unable to login and view some items correctly!

Download the following patch if your autopatcher cannot update your client automatically. Alternatively, you can download our newest client with the updates already applied here

Halloween Town

It's halloween time, and the ghosts and ghouls are coming out to play.
A portal to the mysterious Halloween Town has appeared, and is letting pirates come in if they dare.
You will need a pumpkin or a deathsoul mask equipped to enter.

-The map will be available from October 16th, 2017 - November 12th, 2017

-The map opens every [13 hours]
-The portal stays open for [12 hours]

-The portal can be found at (2252,2685) Argent City

Inside Halloween Town, you will see a bunch of mobs. These mobs drop a Halloween Event Card. On halloween day, you will be able to exchange them to the npc for a certain amount of Haloween Goodies! There is also a certain chance to obtain an Evil Pumpkin Head Carving.

-Halloween King [Re-spawns every 4 hours]
-Located at (138, 281)
-At [50% HP] will summon Halloween Phantom
-At [20% HP] will summon Halloween Dragon

[Mini BOSS]
-Halloween Horror [Spawns every 3 hours]
-Located at (138, 281)

Halloween Quests

There are a few new IGS Quests that players may obtain.
Halloween Mission Enter Halloween Town [3] different times before October 31st *
Halloween Mission Kill a certain number of mobs inside of Halloween Town within the time limit.
Halloween Mission Reach Floor 15 in Tower of Terror wearing Pumpkin or Deathsoul mask
Halloween Mission Clear all 25 floors in Tower of Terror wearing Pumpkin or Deathsoul mask

Note1: All quests only last until November 1st
Note2: This means that you must enter a map 1 time per opening. Ex: Halloween Town opens every 13 hours. You must enter once per 13 hours.


#1 - Durablity upon death decreased from 5% to 1%

#2 - Durability of equipment will no longer decrease while inside of Raid

#3 - Modified the command "/repair". It will now repair all gear that is currently equipped

#4 - CA/CT/CS mobs will now spawn during the correct interval, regardless of when the first person entered the map

For example, previously if the first person entered any of the maps at the XX:15, the mob cycle would start then.

Now regardless of when you enter the map, the correct mobs will spawn at each of the XX:05, XX:10, XX:15, and so on.

Note1: In CA/CT, due to BD mobs spawning at the XX:35 interval, if there is 1 player remaining, the timer to close the map will now begin at XX:38 instead of XX:30.
Note2: CS will remain unchanged. The map timer will begin at XX:45 like usual.

#5 - Added 4 new apparels to the IGS for 4,000 Crystals

Samurai SetWorker Set
Mephisto SetX-men Set
Note1: You can find the apparels in the Decoration tab

#6 - The boss re-spawns will now correctly show the bosses as "alive" once maps are open/restarted

#7 - The starter protection has been modified

-The duration for new starter sets have been extended to 10 days instead of 7.

-The starter protection's effect is now available in the map Halloween Town

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