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Sep 29, 2023          11:45:12 AM

Server Rates
20x Solo-Exp
25x Party-Exp
15x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth


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Ranking List
Rank Player Score
1st ~Lizzy 6,378
2nd [#24]+Savage~ 3,964
3rd ~*Jutyx*~ 3,751
4th Tycoon~ 3,236
5th l~[#Groggy#]~l 2,124
6 SpallanZany 2,095
7 [CoG]avetharun 1,430
8 -[#24]+Wegzz~ 1,334
9 [Narco] 1,309
10 zSkill. 1,304

December 18 2017
by [Admin]Rage

Server Online - Patch [Dec 17th, 2017]

Hey players,

The server is back online! Please make sure to download the newest patch or you'll be unable to login and view some items correctly!

Download the following patch if your autopatcher cannot update your client automatically.

Christmas Village

Christmas Village has opened and you can find the teleporter to the village at Icicle Fountain

Inside Christmas village you will gain snowballs depending on how long you stay in there. You can exchange snowballs for fireworks at the many Christmas trees located around the map.

You will also receive Destructive Snowballs every 30 minutes to fight against the Snowman Army in the event "Snowmageddon"

You can also exchange Christmas greeting Cards for Candy Canes* at the Mini Christmas Trees.
Note1: Christmas Village will be available until January 7th, 2018
Note2: Any players that are in the map after it closes will be moved to Argent City.
Note3: Candy Canes will be used for our 12 Days of Christmas Event! For more information click here
Note4: The snowman army in the Snowmageddon section can only be damaged by Destructive Snow Balls. For more information click here

Reverse Christmas Village

Santa Claus has turned evil and is seeking revenge on all of the players!
This is a PK map! Once you kill a different player, you will obtain Christmas Greeting Cards

-The map opens every [4 hours]
-The portal stays open for [35 mins]
-The map stays open for [55 mins]

-The portal can be found at (130,156) Christmas Village

-Evil Santa Claus
-Located at (144, 159)

-You must defeat Evil Santa Claus before the map closes or no players get any rewards!
-If you try to run away from him, he will summon you close to him!
-If he is defeated before the map closes and there is over 5 players still in the map before it closes, you will only get gold.
-If there is between 2 - 5 players still in the map, you will each get a Reverse Xmas Box
-If there is only 1 player still in the map, the player will receive 3x Reverse Xmas Boxes

Note1: Reverse Christmas Village will be available until January 7th, 2018

Christmas Quests

There are a few new IGS Quests that players may obtain.

Christmas Mission Send [X] Christmas Greetings.
Christmas Mission Kill a certain number of Christmas mobs within the time limit.
Christmas Mission Reach Floor 25 in Tower of Terror wearing Christmas Apparel(Can be fused or unfused. Must be Cap, Armor, Glove and Boot.)
Christmas Mission Clear all 25 floors in Tower of Terror wearing Christmas Apparel(Can be fused or unfused. Must be Cap, Armor, Glove and Boot.)
Christmas MissionClear all 25 floors in Tower of Terror wearing Christmas Apparel(Unfused only. Must be Cap, Armor, Glove and Boot.)
Christmas MissionThrow Snowballs at X different players2

Note1: All quests only last until January 7th, 2018
Note2: Each player must have a different IP address. Cannot attack the same player twice.

Events Square

Welcome to "Events Square"! Our new event hub for the following events
-Drop Events
-Q&A Events
-Word Unscramble Events

These events will now be automated and reward more players!

The event times will still be posted in our events post and event calendar, and the map will allow entry based on those times.

You'll be notified 5 and 10 minutes before the event starts, as well as once it has started. Once you see the notice, you can use the player command "/events" to enter.

Drop events will still be in the same format as always! Once the event has started, a balloon mob will be spawned around the map!

Each item dropped has a 30 seconds protection time, once that it over it is anyone's chance to pick up the item!

Once all items have been dropped, the balloon will dissapear and the map will close in 30 minutes. Players will need to redeem any prizes if they get an "Event Reward Tile" before then!

This is where some portion of the event may differ from how we originally did it.

Upon entering the map when this event is active, your character will be frozen and then given a prompt of the question and a few answer choices.

After 15 seconds, your character will will be unfrozen and you must then run towards the answer square of your choice.

The first 3 players to get in the correct answer square will obtain an "Event Reward Tile".

Once the 3 winners have been chosen, all remaining players will be teleported to the center and frozen again until the next round, and so on until all rounds are completed.

Note1: Once you have a round once, you will be unable to participate again until the next event.
Note2: All players will have the same movement speed while inside of the map to ensure fairness.

Upon winning Q&A/Word events, you be given an "Event Reward Tile" . Exchange them at the Redemption NPC for your rewards!

Note1: The command "/prize" has been removed. Any future events will reward a "Event Reward Tile"

Lv4 Gem Combiner

You'll notice that you no longer need to scroll through the NPC dialog to combine your gems!

You can now 'fast' combine any 8x Lv1 gems in your inventory by clicking the "Combine" option.

Note1: You still can only combine the gems previously on the list. To view which gems can be 'fast' combined, click the "Information" option.

Potion Timer

The following items will display their remaining time when you use player command "/potion"
-Amplifiers of Luck
-Amplifiers of Strive
-Forging/Combining Fruits
-Skating/Weightless Potions
-Party EXP Fruit
-Timed ROSO Energy Cards*

Note1: The items effectiveness will now stay
active upon logging out and back in, as long as there is time remaining.
Note2: All Forging/Combining Fruits time period can now be stacked.
Note3: You can no longer view the time remaining using the command "/buff". You must use "/potion"


-Added Reverse Christmas Village to Map Timer
-Added the last batch of Custom Apparels and fixed the remaining bugged ones
-Fixed a bug that delayed damage from showing while attacking

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