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Server Rates
20x Solo-Exp
25x Party-Exp
15x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth


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Ranking List
Rank Player Score
1st ~Lizzy 7,793
2nd -[#24]+Wegzz.~ 5,301
3rd ~*Jutyx*~ 4,916
4th Zenpie#86 4,824
5th SpallanZany 4,715
6 Strongarm 2,811
7 l~[#Groggy#]~l 2,413
8 Star~ 2,098
9 zSkill. 1,986
10 -[#24]+Wegzz~ 1,949

February 11 2018
by [Admin]Rage

Server Online - Patch [Feb 10th, 2018]

Hey players,

The server is back online! Please make sure to download the newest patch or you'll be unable to login and view some items correctly!

Download the following patch if your autopatcher cannot update your client automatically. Alternatively, you can download our newest client with the updates already applied here


For the longest time, shields did not have much use in ROSO until now!
Shields have become a Crusader exclusive equipment to help them battle against magic classes!


Enchanted by the Holy Priests, the crusaders shield have been modified to reflect a percentage of damage back to magic classes, percentage damage varies depending on quality of shield.
Note1: Only skills exclusive to magic classes will be reflected. Skills such as vibe slash for example, will not be affected since other classes can also use it.


Crevice ShieldBlessed ShieldWyrm Shield

5% damage reflect

7% damage reflect

9% damage reflect
Crusaders ShieldIce-covered Holy Snow ShieldSavage Bull Shield

9% damage reflect

9% damage reflect

9% damage reflect

Note1: Any shield not mentioned above will default to a 1% damage reflect.


Kylin ShieldFearless ShieldRage Shield

9% damage reflect

12% damage reflect

15% damage reflect
Hydros ShieldRaid Shield

20% damage reflect

25% damage reflect

Note1: You may obtain the new shields the same way as their other equipment counterparts. Ex: Kylin available via Kylin Cards or Award Center. Fearless via upgrading a Sealed Fearless Shield* to a Fearless Shield. Etc..
Note2: Sealed Fearless Shield has been added to Sealed Fearless Chest


Aegis of Gods Apparel

+5% additional damage reflect when fused

Note1: Unless the Aegis of Gods is fused, it will not reflect any damage.
Note2: When gemmed, the Aegis of Gods will give off a custom glow.
Note3: You can obtain the Aegis of Gods shield via the In-game shops for 3,000 IGS Crystals.
Note4: Aegis of God can be upgraded to 120% using Strengthening Gems.


The official list of gems that can be forged into shields are:
Gem List
Glowing GemShining Gem
Gem of StrikingGem of Colossus
Gem of RageEye of Black Dragon
Azrael's GlareAzrael's Aggregation
Broken Gem of StrikingCracked Gem of Striking
Chipped Gem of StrikingBroken Gem of Colossus
Cracked Gem of ColossusChipped Gem of Colossus
Broken Gem of RageCracked Gem of Rage
Chipped Gem of RageGreat Gem of Colossus
Excruciating Dragon Eye


Relics are now available to be looted from boss-type monsters and chests in all areas of Forsaken City / Dark Swamp.


Relics are brand new items that players can obtain via boss type monsters and chests. Each relic has a certain amount of energy that they must deplete before they are able to be used.


You must place any of the relics in your 4th inventory slot to decrease the energy. Once you kill one of the following types of mobs, you'll decrease the energy by their set amount.
Monster TypeEnergy Depleted
Regular Mobs-1 Energy
Mini Bosses-10 Energy
Main Bosses-25 Energy

Note1: Only mobs inside Forsaken City / Dark Swamp will deplete energy.


Relics have 3 normal tiers, alongside one legendary tier which has a minuscule drop chance, all with different items as rewards. Opening a relic will provide ONE of the options listed in prize pool at random.
RelicPrize PoolDrops From

Damaged Relic
Energy: 200
-Hydros Fruit + Ingredients Pack
-1-Billion Note + Ingredients Pack
-100M Note + Ingredients Pack
-Hydros Fruit (3x) + Ingredients Pack
-Raid Fragment (10x) + Ingredients Pack
-Wyvern Fragment (10x) + Ingredients Pack
-Blessed Potion (2x) + Ingredients Pack
Mini Bosses and Chests

Flawed Relic
Energy: 400
-1-Billion Note (3x)
-1-Billion Note (3x) + Ingredients Pack(2x)
-1-Billion Note (10x)
-1-Billion Note (10x) + Ingredients Pack(2x)
-Ingredients Pack (5x)
-Wyvern Fragment (50x)
-Raid Fragment (50x)
Mini Bosses and Chests

Perfect Relic
Energy: 1,000
-1-Billion Note (50x)
-Ingredients Pack (10x)
-Wyvern Fragment (100x)
-Raid Fragment (200x)
-1-Billion Note (25x)
-Blessed Potion (10x) + 1-Billion Note (10x)
Mini Bosses and Chests

Diety Relic
Energy: 3,000
-100-Billion Note
-100-Billion Note (2x)
-Wyvern Shard (1x)
-Ingredients Pack (25x)
-Raid Shard (1x)
-Wyvern Shard (2x)
-Raid Shard (3x)
-Wyvern Fragment (300x)
-Raid Fragment (200x)
Death Knight and Huge Mud Monster

Note1: Ingredients Pack gives between 1-3 of any of the following items Hydros Fruit Fragment, Enchanted Bottle, Mysterious Cloth, Dark Ember or Black Powder
Note2: You can only double click the relics to obtain the prizes once their respective energy reaches 0.
Note3: All Relics are trade-able. We encourage you to sell them!


To balance a few classes out inside of Forsaken City and Dark Swamp, the following changes have been applied.
-Champions receive a +15% boost to maximum and minimum attack.
-Sharpshooters received a +10% boost to maximum and minimum attack.
-Crusaders receive a 5% reduction to defense.
-Voyagers receive a 7% reduction to defense.
-Seal Masters receive a 7% reduction to defense.
Note1: These changes only apply while inside of Forsaken City and Dark Swamp.


The following has been added to the DS Exchanger:

Strengthening Gem (5x) - 170 Dark Medals
Strengthening Gem (10x) - 340 Dark Medals

The following has been added to the FC Exchanger:

Strengthening Gem (5x) - 125 Forsaken Medals
Strengthening Gem (10x) - 250 Forsaken Medals

Boss Rewards

For some time, many players were not happy with our old custom boss drop, due to the protection time of the items when dropped on the ground.
To fix this, we've re-designed the entire thing!


For now, this change will only be in effect towards the following bosses.

1.) Death Knight
2.) Huge Mud Monster
3.) Wandering Soul
4.) Snowman Warlord
5.) Abyss Beast - Kuroo
6.) Fury Kara
7.) Morpheus Abyss Demon
Note1: Once we've received enough positive player feedback, we may start switching more bosses towards this system.


Upon attacking the bosses listed above, your damage dealt to that boss will start being recorded.

Upon the bosses death, the system will determine who the top 5 damage dealers are. Only the top player will receive the drops unless they are not near the boss upon their time of death. If this is the case, the system will then select the second top player if they pass the requirements. It will continue going down the list of top 5 players until somebody has obtained the drops.

If none of the top 5 players were able to get the drops, they will be discarded.

Upon getting the drops, all players that have dealt at least 3% damage of the bosses maximum health will be notified of who got the drops and what items were dropped.

Note1: If your inventory does not have sufficient slots to receive all the drops, the drops will automatically be sent to your storage box on our website. (This system will soon be available for all areas that check your inventory slots.)
Note2: You do not need to be alive to receive the drops *IF* you are the person who dealt the most damage to the boss.
Note3: Regardless if you are alive or not, you must be in range of at least twice the bosses original vision range, otherwise the system will not consider you near the boss at their time of death.
Note4: Vision range is the distance a boss will chase you until they return to their original position. So you must be in the area twice that range.
Note5: The drop rate of the items will *ONLY* be affected by the luck of the person who killed the boss, regardless if they are the top damage dealer or not.


#1 - Renamed "Aurora Teleporter" to "Zone Teleporter - May"

#2 - Added option to teleport to "Ice-covered Island" to "Zone Teleporter - May"

#3 - Modified a few things for the following maps

<Chaos Argent & Chaos Icicle>
-Black Dragon mobs will now spawn 3 minutes earlier, at the XX:32 minute mark. If there is only 1 player alive after the XX:35 minute mark, the map closure countdown will begin.
<Chaos Shaitain>
-Black Dragon mobs will now spawn 7 minutes earlier, at the XX:38 minute mark. If there is only 1 player alive after the XX:42 minute mark, the map closure countdown will begin.
-Portal now closes 5 minutes earlier, at the XX:40 minute mark.
<Dream Island>
-Portal to Master Pet has been moved to the Right Gate of Dream Island (463,595)

#4 - Fixed the stat bonus from the following items

-Spirit Leaf: Increases spr by 50 for 2 minutes
-Spirit Bouquet: Increases spr by 70 for 2 minutes
-Spirit Angel: Increases spr by 90 for 2 minutes
Note1: The effects do not stack.

#5 - Summoned bosses for events no longer interfere with the boss timers on "/boss"

#6 - The following balance changes have been applied

-Defense has been decreased by 5%
-Conch Ray damage has been decreased by 3%
-Lightning Bolt damage has been decreased by 5%
Note1: We are testing these changes. This may be permanent or changed in later updates depending on the feedback we receive.

#7 - The following items stacking limit has been modified

-Azrael Chest: 999x (Can also now be placed on hotkeys)
-Great Fairy Ration: 100x
-Great Auto Ration: 100x
-Fairy Ration: 999x
-Auto Ration: 999x

#8 - Added the following Custom Apparels

-Rinzoo Hair and weapons
-Zion Destructor set
-Zion's Knight set
-Bryant's Army armor and weapons
-Spall BD set
-JoW set and weapons
-Lilith set
-Psycho set
-FBI set and weapons
-7mody set and weapons
-Steroid set
-Reaper~ of Souls and other weapons

#9 - Fixed a bug involving changing hairstyles

Feel free to report any bugs via our ticket system or in our discord #bug-report channel!

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