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August 3 2011
by [Admin]Rage

Hello pirates :D!

Just letting you guys know before anyone gets hacked/scammed because of this. Here's the warning.

Alright so i've seen alot of screen shots of players useing the command for chat windows to pretend to be [GM]Frost and [GM]Rage. Alright well first off we don't talk in chat windows so thats 1 thing out of the way.

Thing's I want you to do when you see someone doing thiis.
-Screen the whole chat and press save on the chat. Go to roso folder and grab the chat from there. Upload it and send it threw pm to me. I'll be banning each account on the fakers IP. So if you wanna play dumb and do this beware that's what will happen.

-Always ask the GM to tele to you, Or him tele you to him. If they don't just stop asking him for help cause its a fake.

-Also remember GMs will never ask you for your password or username because they dont need to ask you for it.

If these are not followed and you get hacked because of it we aren't helping you get your items back as we just gave the warning now. So good luck pirates ^^.

P.S If you can't enter forum send it to [email protected]


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