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Sep 29, 2023          02:43:52 PM

Server Rates
20x Solo-Exp
25x Party-Exp
15x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth


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Ranking List
Rank Player Score
1st ~Lizzy 6,378
2nd [#24]+Savage~ 3,964
3rd ~*Jutyx*~ 3,751
4th Tycoon~ 3,236
5th l~[#Groggy#]~l 2,124
6 SpallanZany 2,095
7 [CoG]avetharun 1,430
8 -[#24]+Wegzz~ 1,334
9 [Narco] 1,309
10 zSkill. 1,304

December 13 2018
by [Admin]Rage

Server Online - Patch [Dec 13th, 2018]

Hey players,

The server is back online! Please make sure to download the newest patch or you'll be unable to login and view some items correctly!

Download the following patch if your autopatcher cannot update your client automatically. Alternatively, you can download our newest client with the updates already applied here

Christmas Village

Christmas Village has opened and you can find the teleporter to the village at Icicle Fountain

Inside Christmas village you will gain snowballs depending on how long you stay in there. You can exchange snowballs for fireworks at the many Christmas trees located around the map.

You will also receive Destructive Snowballs every 30 minutes to fight against the Snowman Army in the event "Snowmageddon"

You can also exchange Christmas greeting Cards for Candy Canes* at the Mini Christmas Trees.
Note1: Christmas Village will be available until January 7th, 2018
Note2: Any players that are in the map after it closes will be moved to Argent City.
Note3: Candy Canes will be used for our 12 Days of Christmas Event! For more information click here
Note4: The snowman army in the Snowmageddon section can only be damaged by Destructive Snow Balls. For more information click here

Reverse Christmas Village

Santa Claus has turned evil and is seeking revenge on all of the players!
This is a PK map! Once you kill a different player, you will obtain Christmas Greeting Cards

-The map opens every [4 hours]
-The portal stays open for [35 mins]
-The map stays open for [55 mins]

-The portal can be found at (130,156) Christmas Village

-Evil Santa Claus
-Located at (144, 159)

-You must defeat Evil Santa Claus before the map closes or no players get any rewards!
-If you try to run away from him, he will summon you close to him!
-If he is defeated before the map closes and there is over 5 players still in the map before it closes, you will only get gold.
-If there is between 2 - 5 players still in the map, you will each get a Reverse Xmas Box
-If there is only 1 player still in the map, the player will receive 3x Reverse Xmas Boxes

Note1: Reverse Christmas Village will be available until January 7th, 2018

Christmas Quests

There are a few new IGS Quests that players may obtain.

Christmas Mission Send [X] Christmas Greetings.
Christmas Mission Kill a certain number of Christmas mobs within the time limit.
Christmas Mission Reach Floor 25 in Tower of Terror wearing Christmas Apparel(Can be fused or unfused. Must be Cap, Armor, Glove and Boot.)
Christmas Mission Clear all 25 floors in Tower of Terror wearing Christmas Apparel(Can be fused or unfused. Must be Cap, Armor, Glove and Boot.)
Christmas MissionClear all 25 floors in Tower of Terror wearing Christmas Apparel(Unfused only. Must be Cap, Armor, Glove and Boot.)
Christmas MissionThrow Snowballs at X different players*

Note1: All quests only last until January 6th, 2019
Note2: Each player must have a different IP address. Cannot attack the same player twice.

Necklace Titles

You're now able to obtain some unique titles!

All of the titles are essentially necklace apparels. You can fuse your current necklace to them to gain the effect. Each necklace will add +5% HP to your character.

Note1: You cannot apparel upgrade the fused necklaces
Note2: All of the Emblems of Ascendancy have had a +5% HP bonus applied to them.
Note3: The title necklaces can be traded just like normal apparels, however they cannot be dropped or sold to NPC while fused.
Note4: You can use the command /buff to see the bonus HP in effect

Obtaining each of the titles require you to do the same tasks a certain amount of times before you're awarded with them. Some may be easier than others depending on who you are.
Treasure HunterComplete hunting for treasure via NSS50x
SnowmanKill a snowman in the Snowman Army*50x
ROSOObtainable via the ROSO Coin Shop-
Daily ChampComplete a daily task21x
Chaos MasterKill an enemy inside of CA, CT or CS*100x
Bounty MasterKill an enemy inside of BH*70x
Boss SlayerBe the killer of any of the bosses found using /boss, Guild Bosses, FC Boss, DS Boss, DW Bosses, or Raid Bosses15x
PK DuelistDefeat an enemy while in PK Mode*40x
Goddess SaverSave Goddess Eden10x
DreamerDefeat an enemy in Dream Island*40x
CombinerCombine any gems using Lv4 Combiner or regular Combine80x
Deca SageComplete the Decathalon Quest15x
Potion MasterComplete the cooking/manufacturing any blueprint20x
FashionistaComplete apparel fusion of any apparels100x
World SeekerTake part of World Boss6x

Note1: You can continue to obtain titles, however every time you complete the requirements to gain 1, the amount needed for that character will increase.
Note2: The snowman title will only be available until January 7th, 2019
Note3: Do you have a suggestion for a new title? Let us know in our #suggestion_channel in discord and it could be added next!
Note4: Each enemy must have a different IP address to be counted

Treasure Hunting

You're now able to hunt for Treasures in game and on our website!
You can farm up New sheepskin scrolls to obtain a Expedition Treasure Map !

New sheepskin scrolls and Expedition Treasure Map requires you to be Lv135 and under in order to use them.
-Database Link for drop locations
[Using the scroll]
Once you've obtained your New sheepskin scroll, double click it to obtain an Expedition Treasure Map.

You'll then need to double click the Expedition Treasure Map in order to get the coordinates of the treasure!

Go to the coordinates and search around. Once you're near, double click the Expedition Treasure Map again to see what treasure was hiding in that spot! Careful though, some pirates have laid some traps for wandering treasure hunters like yourself...
Here's a list of the possible rewards you can get from treasure hunting
Pirates laid a rewards
1x +1 Roll Attempts
1x +3 Roll Attempts
4-8x 100m Notes
1-5x 1-Billion Notes
50x 1-Billion Note
1x Lv1-4 Heavenly Chest
1x (15-Day)ROSO Energy Card
5x EXP Pamphlets
1x Raid Power Pack
1x Apparel Fearless Set
1x Random level pet orb
100-150x Augment Grade Increase Ores
30-70x Augment Success Increase Ores
10-15x Augment Prevent Decrease Ores
1-3x Augment Guarantee Increase Ores
1-2x Wyvern Shards
1-2x Raid Shards
1-5x Random amounts of IGS Crystals
1x Augment Grade Increase
1x Augment Success Increase
1x Augment Prevent Decrease
5x Augmented Amplifier
Note1: New sheepskin scrolls are trade-able, Expedition Treasure Maps are not.
By hunting in-game, you'll have a chance to be able to hunt on our website for bigger and better rewards!

[Rolling the dice]
1.) Each roll of the dice uses up 1 roll attempts. You can obtain roll attempts by searching for treasure in-game using the New Sheepskin scrolls.
2.) Click the dice to begin the treasure hunt! Your pirate ship will move based on the number you rolled. When your ship stops, you'll obtain the treasure prizes found in the spot your ship has anchored. If you continue to roll the dice until you reach the very end, you'll earn a bonus completion reward!
3.) Your pirate ship will return to the starting point once you've reached the final point.
4.) If you roll an amount that will exceed the location of the final point, the map will be considered complete. If such an instance occurs, you will not obtain the prize of the final point, but the completion reward instead.
5.) All prizes are automatically sent to the players storage box upon winning.

Note1: If there are ever any errors in the display of the treasure hunt, simply refresh the page to allow the correct data to be displayed once again.
Note2: Double clicking the roll attempts in game will automatically add the attempt sot your account. Refresh the page to see them added
Note3: ROSO Team has all rights to suspend any accounts that are found abusing the Treasure Hunt.

Class Balancing

We've done some changes the following skills to hopefully make some of the PK more fair.

Rebirth Mystic Power
Added a 15% base HP bonus + 1% every rebirth 1-3, for a maximum of 18%

Spiritual Fire
Increased the attack bonus gain from 25% to 35%

Intense Magic
Increased the magic attack bonus gain from 162% to 175%

Illusion slash
(Crusader only) Deals 10% of opponents current HP as base damage + the current damage

Mirage slash
Deals 15% of surrounding opponents current HP as base damage + the current damage

Ecliptic Shielding
Deals a maximum of 5% of surrounding opponents current HP as base damage

Devil Curse
Increased the effect from 25% to 50%. Now it decreases enemies magical damage by 50% for 25s

Dual shot
If the damage is less than 20% of opponents current HP, deals an additional 20% of opponents current HP

The 2,500 max damage limit has been removed. Applies an additional 1.5% HP bleed effect for 7 seconds.

The ASPD boost has been added back. Increase ASPD by 100 at Level 1. Increases by 10 point per skill level

Spiritual Bolt
Cooldown has been decreased from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds

In addition to the changes above, all magical damage now deals 5x more damage inside of guild lounge
Note1: All of the HP % based damages will only apply on players. They will not be applied to monsters.
Note2: Any monsters that have any of these skills will not have these changes applied.
Note3: The changes to illusion and mirage slash will not take effect against merchants

Swings Update

Swings can now be be sent to your temporary bag using /temp, or you can fuse them to any wings!

Note1: All swings have been given the stat +10% health
Note2: You cannot apparel upgrade any wings that are fused with swings
Note3: If you send the swing to your temp bag, the correct swing type must still be the same. Ex: Lance can get the stats from Panda Swing - Lance, not Panda Swing - Carsise.
Note4: If your swing is fused to a wing, the character type does not need to be the same. You'll be able to get the stats from any swing.
Note5: You can use /swing to view the current swing effect. If you want to switch to a new swing using /swing {number}, you will need to remove swing from temp bag if it is there, or fission your wings that are fused with the swing to continue.

New Wings

We have added some brand new wings obtainable ingame from different shops!
Gabriel WingsLucifer WingsGolden Angelic WingsBlack Angelic Wings

Obtained by: ROSO Coin Shop

Obtained by: ROSO Coin Shop

Obtained by: Ingame Shop

Obtained by: Ingame Shop
Green Angelic WingsPurple Angelic WingsYellow Angelic WingsBlue Angelic Wings

Obtained by: Ingame Shop

Obtained by: Ingame Shop

Obtained by: Ingame Shop

Obtained by: Ingame Shop
Red Angelic WingsRaven WingsIrish Elf WingsVelvet Wings

Obtained by: Ingame Shop

Obtained by: Ingame Shop

Obtained by: Ingame Shop

Obtained by: Ingame Shop
Monarch WingsLittle Blair WingsBreak WingsMoon's Wings

Obtained by: Daily Achievement Shop

Obtained by: Daily Achievement Shop

Obtained by: Daily Achievement Shop

Obtained by: Daily Achievement Shop
Black Dragon WingsMystic WingsNature Fairy WingsPhoenix Wings

Obtained by: Ingame Shop

Obtained by: Ingame Shop

Obtained by: Ingame shop

Obtained by: Tundra Boss - Phoenix
Demonic Dragon WingsAerial WingsGuardian WingsLove Elf Wings

Obtained by: ROSO Coin Shop

Obtained by: ROSO Coin Shop

Obtained by: ROSO Coin Shop

Obtained by: ROSO Coin Shop


#1 - Offline stalls will now auto-close after 5 days

Offline stalls already close once they have been sold out, however with this update they will now auto-close after 5 days of setting up the stall.

We believe that this is plenty of time to have what you want to sell to be sold. It will also help stop the stalls that have 1 item over priced just to be online.
Note1: Stalls do not obtain the gold every minute, stay online rewards, stay online task, world boss rewards, or the alphabet cards

#2 - 3x Asteroid Drop Rate days

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the drops rate from Asteroids will be multiplied by 3!

Farm during this time for a great boost to your augment ore collection!

We've also added an Augmented Amplifier which will grants 2.5x asteroid drop rate for 1 hour!

Combine the amplifier with the drop rate days for a 7.5x boost!

You can obtain them by Treasure hunting via NSS or from Treasure hunting on our website by using your dice rolls!

#3 - Daily Tasks

We've updated the list of rewards you can get from the Achievement shop!
The shop will only show a portion of the rewards at a time. It will update every 8 hours.

You'll be able to view the full list of all the items in the shop from the NPC.

We've also added bonus achievement badges depending on how fast you've completed all 7 tasks!

#4 - Updated Tundra Path drops

We've updated the drop rates for Tundra Path! Check out the monster database for their new drops

-Tundra Bat
-Crazy Tundra Demon
-Big Tundra Chimera
-Tundra Dragon
-Tundra Guard
-Evil Tundra Phantam
-Little Tundra Deer

We've also added a new boss to Tundra, Phoenix!
Tundra Boss - Phoenix

He will spawn in the center of Tundra Path (114, 47). Respawns every 4 hours.

#5 - Augmenting Fearless

We've updated augmenting fearless equipment! If you upgrade an awakened fearless equipment with a regular fearless piece, the success rate will be a flat 30% for every augment grade! If the augmenting fails, you will not lose any augment grades!

Note1: You must visit any upgrader with the awakened fearless and the regular fearless piece.
Note2: Upgrading an awakened fearless will not consume any Augment Grade Increase, Augment Success Increase, Augment Prevent Decrease, or Augment Guarantee Increase.
Note3: You are still able to use Augment Grade Increases to augment your fearless equipment.
Note4: The same equipment type must be used during upgrade. You cannot upgrade an awakened fearless armor with a regular fearless boot or glove.
Note5: The regular fearless equipment will be consumed

#6 - /notes updated

The command /notes has been updated with a new more options.
You can type /notes ? for a full list of the options now
-/notes: The default command to change all [1-Billion notes] in your inventory into [100m notes]
-/notes 1: Change the maximum amount of [100m notes] in your inventory into [1-Billion notes]
-/notes 2: Change all [100-Billion notes] in your inventory into [1-Billion notes]
-/notes 3: Change the maximum amount of [1-Billion notes] in your inventory into [100-Billion notes]
-/notes 4: Change all [1-Trillion notes] in your inventory into [100-Billion notes]
-/notes 5: Change the maximum amount of [100-Billion notes] in your inventory into [1-Trillion notes]
-/notes ?: Displays the help window

Note1: The 'maximum amount' refers to the amount stackable. For example, 100m notes are stackable to 30,000, so it will exchange up to 30,000.

#7 - Fixed a few bugs

-Summoning scrolls no longer work near the Asteroids in Thundoria Castle
-KOTH's automatic prize handout now has a manual option in case you did not receive your rewards. Simply type /koth again to obtain the prize.
-Fixed an issue where Guild Bosses would dissapear while Tower of Terror was cleaning up mobs
-Added dark swamp to the Starter Protection
-Starter Protection time limit has been increased from 10 days to 14 days
-Starter Protection now works as long as you are wearing the Necklace, Rings, and Weapons. The set is no longer required to be equipped in order to get the protection.
-Regardless of having the equipped items required for starter protection, you must still have time left. To check it, type /buff

[ROSO UI] Version 1.2.2

-Updated the stall panel with the expiration of stalls.
-Pressing ESC on the stall panel will no longer close it.

~ ROSO UI v1.2.2 ~

Note1: The patch above only includes the changes mentioned above. To download the full user interface with the changes involved click here or download it through your ROSO Launcher.
Note2: Any UI updates that are added to the ROSO Launcher will not download if your client does not have the "skins" folder
Note3: This UI update will only be available on the ROSO UI, unless you add it to another UI yourself.

Feel free to report any bugs via our ticket system or in our discord's #bug_report channel!

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