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Sep 25, 2021          04:46:51 AM

Server Rates
20x Solo-Exp
25x Party-Exp
15x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth


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Ranking List
Rank Player Score
1st `Alan 8,625
2nd [Dean-Ambrose] 6,610
3rd Mort^SuBiT 6,059
4th -[#24]+Wegzz~ 5,005
5th Koto#16 4,761
6 [#13Ursula#14] 4,749
7 [Narco] 4,636
8 zSkill. 4,199
9 [DC]Hava 3,956
10 [r]-SS~ 3,308

February 17 2020
by [Admin]Rage

Update Log [Feb 17th, 2020]

Hey players,

We have applied a new update on February 17th, 2020.

Download the following patch if your auto patcher cannot update your client automatically.

Patch February 17th, 2020
ROSO Patch

Update Details

[Update #1] Added the accepted Custom Apparels.

[Update #2] Decreased the rates for offline mining to be less than the rates of normal mining.
Note1: Our original intention for Offline Mining was to be a passive resource for players to use while they were actively playing the game. It was never meant to be a main source of income as it is now.

[Update #3] Modified the damage dealt towards world bosses for all classes to be more balanced.

[Update #4] Modified Black Dragon Mobs to drop Excruciating Dragon Gem chests instead of the actual gems.

[Update #5] Added anti-botting system to map Kyjj 2 & 3.

[Update #6] Increased the stacking limit of the following items:
1. Mystic Clover to 9999x
2. Universal Lots to 9999x
3. Lanterns to 9999x
4. Potion of Monkey/Eagle/Bull/Soul/Lion to 9999x
5. Weightless/Speed Potions to 9999x

[Update #7] Modified Weekly PK Ranking to incorporate kills to help motivate players from simply entering at the last minute.
1. Every minute, players can obtain +1 additional (+2 inside CT) win point by killing other players.
2. You can gain these additional win points, only until the portal of each respective map closes.
3. Winners of each map will now get half of the total amount of notes collected from the entry fee.

Note1: Win points will be given once per kill. If you've already obtained a win point in minute [XX:05], any additional kills you've made will not count towards getting a win point until minute [XX:06].
Note2: Since the entry fee is 2x 100m notes, if there are 15 people who entered during that map cycle, the total will be 30x 100m notes. The winner will get half of that, so 15x 100m notes.
Note3: If there are 2 players who survive the map, the notes won will be evenly split between them. If there are 3 players who survive, the notes won will be divided by 3. The notes will not be rewarded if there are 4 or more players at the end of the map.
Note4: The notes rewards will not be multiplied by the weekend bonus.

Class Changes


- Modified the skill 'Berserk'
1. Skill duration increased from 20s -> 25s.
2. Skill cool-down increased from 35s -> 40s.
3. Added a 'Critical-hit' chance increase by 20%.
Note1: These Berserk changes are also applied to Champions.

- Hit-rate increased by 4%.


- Damage bonus decreased by 15%, from 200% -> 185%.
- Defense increased by 7%.
- Maximum HP increased by 5%.

Note1: Since the start of ROSO, SS have always dealt 2x more damage. This is the first time we've directly decreased their damage, but we've also increased their survivability to make up for it.


- Modified the skill 'Dangerous Advance'
1. Attack speed buff increased from 10% -> 25%.
2. Attack speed buff duration increased from 5s -> 10s.
3. Dodge de-buff increased from 10% -> 15%.

- Modified the skill 'Bloody Screech'
1. Skill cool-down increased from 8s -> 25s.
2. Hit-rate bleed increased from -1 hr/s -> -15 hr/s for 10s (maximum of -150 hr)
3. Dodge bleed increased from -1 dodge/s -> -10 dodge/s for 10s (maximum of -100 dodge)

- Modified the skill 'Monetary Value'
1. Removed the 15,000 damage cap.
2. Damage is now multiplied between 10-20x the combined value of your STR + ACC
Note1: Reminder that this damage ignores defense and physical resistance.

- Added Lv150 skill 'Dealer's Wrath'
Skill Pre-requisite: Lv7 Bloody Screech
Skill cool-down: 30s
Effect duration: 10s
1. Increases movement speed by 25%.
2. Increases critical-hit chances by 35%.
3. Increases hit-rate by 20%.

Note1: This skill can be obtained via the Skill Box(Lv150).


- Modified the damage towards opponents who have the skill 'Energy Shield' or 'Energy Bulwark' enabled
1. Merchant damage decreased from 6x -> 2x
2. Champion damage decreased from 2x -> 1.35x
3. Crusader damage decreased from 4x-> 1.5x
4. Sharpshooter damage decreased from 2.5x -> 1.25x
5. Cleric damage increased from 1.2x -> 3x
6. Seal Master damage increased from 1.35x -> 1.5x
7. Voyager damage decreased from 1.4x -> 1.3x
Note1: We are modifying numbers towards these skills from our Patch [Mar 26th, 2017]. This should help Clerics survivability once again, but still not make it as dominant as they once were.
Note2: This change also means that the most effective class against these skills are clerics.

- Defense has been increased by 7%.
- Maximum SP has been increased by 10%.

- Modified the skill 'Healing Spring'
1. Heals between 3-5% of the players' Max HP for 20s(at max level)
2. Applies recovery to the players once every 10s(at max level, recovers twice)
3. Applies a +10% damage buff for 20s
Note1: If multiple clerics use 'Healing Spring', only the first one that you enter will have it's effects applied. They do not stack.

- Modified the skill 'Crystalline Blessing'
1. Skill duration decreased from 30s -> 20s.

Magical Classes

- Magical damage inside of CA, BH, and CS has been increased from 3x -> 5x.
- Magical damage inside of CT has been increased from 3x -> 4x.
- All magical damage now has a flat 30% chance to deal magical-critical damage.

Note1: Gems that increase critical-hit chance will not affect this rate.
Note2: Magical-critical damage will deal 25% more damage.

As always, these changes may be reverted or changed even more depending on player feedback.

Feel free to report any bugs in our discord's #bug_report channel, or any suggestions you may have in our #suggestions_channel channel!

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