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Jan 23, 2021          12:00:06 AM

Server Rates
20x Solo-Exp
25x Party-Exp
15x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth


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Ranking List
Rank Player Score
1st Jess~ 4,328
2nd [Dean-Ambrose] 2,887
3rd Mort^SuBiT 2,850
4th [[email protected]] 2,562
5th [Key]Stone 2,497
6 Alaida 2,492
7 ^^Julian^^ 2,449
8 [Sexy]Hava 1,333
9 [CR7-#14] 1,193
10 [Fernando] 1,162

May 13 2020
by [Admin]Rage

Community Campaign

Did you think we were done with the celebration?

We have a community campaign for you all! To celebrate 9 years, we have 9 different goals for the ROSO Community to participate in! All of the goal amounts include the number 9 in some way as a celebration.

Campaign Information

Campaign DurationMay 14th, 2020 - May 23rd, 2020
Reward Redemption DurationMay 16th, 2020 - May 28th, 2020
The campaign event period is 9 days, from May 14th, 2020 12:00:00 AM - May 23rd, 2020 11:59:59 PM. Once the campaign period expires, the system will no longer increase the total of the individual tasks above.

Players can redeem any rewards starting from May 16th, 2020 to May 28th, 2020. Afterwards, rewards can no longer be redeemed.

The goal amounts are the total amount of the tasks for the entire server (hence community). All players will be able to contribute to the event by completing each of tasks above.

Each eligible player will be able to redeem each of the community goals only once, for a grand total of 9x Anniversary Boxes if all goals are completed.

Note1: Some of the data is cached to prevent an overload of the system. If the values are the same, please try to refresh in 5-minutes.
Note2: Any attempts to abuse the system to try and claim the rewards multiple times will lead to an account suspension. Please be considerate and don't make us have to punish you during this celebration.
TaskHelpful Information
1-Defeat BossesOnly the bosses that are in the list using command '/boss' are being counted towards this goal. Summoned bosses and Guild bosses will NOT be counted.
2-World Boss DamageDamages will be added to the total after each World boss round has ended.
3-Daily TasksYou can work on multiple community goals at once by completing different daily tasks.
4-DecathalonsGet stocked up on items as decathalon only happen [Monday and Saturday 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM] and [Wednesday and Friday 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM]. Check the game guide for more information.
5-Mine Augment OresBoth regular mining and offline mining count towards this goal!
6-Defend EdenSuccessfully defending Eden on any difficulty will count towards this goal.
7-Kills in BH, CA, CS, CT, KOTH, and SWOnly the kills that are displayed in the [System] chat will be counted towards this goal.
8-KOTH PointsThe total KOTH points that the system gives out during a round will be added to the total after that round has ended. Hint Hint: Each legitimate kill is +8 points. (Helps with #7-Kills too)
9-Treasure HuntsDo your thing NSS farmers! We're counting on you! Note: Only treasure hunts that end up giving you a reward will be counted towards this goal.

Accessing the Campaign

The campaign page can be accessed through your ROSO Launcher (Launcher v3.0.1.0 | Core v1.0.1.0 or higher required.).
Note1: Check your launcher version from [Options -> About] if you do not see the campaign information.
Note2: You can download the newest version here if your launcher is out of date.

You can click the banner on the widget or the button in the launchers main menu. Both will bring up the campaign window.

You can scroll down on the window for the rest of the campaigns, plus we've included the Campaign Information there as well.

When a campaign's goal has been completed, you'll be able to see a button to redeem your reward.
Campaign completed. Ready to RedeemReward Claimed
Note1: Each player can only redeem a reward once. You will see "Reward Claimed" if you try to redeem it on another account.
Note2: When you redeem your reward, it will be sent to your Storage Box on our website.

Anniversary Box

After completing a goal, you'll be able to redeem an anniversary box. Check the table below of the items you can obtain and their rates!
Anniversary Box Reward Chances

1x Upgraded Rage Set +27
0.348% chance

9x Sage Master Gem Chest
0.834% chance

1x Pet Lv Up Card(175)
1.113% chance

19x Great Gem Bag
2.781% chance

1x Upgraded Sage Set +27
0.348% chance

1x Dark Neck +27
0.417% chance

2x Dark Ring +27
0.417% chance

9x Rage Master Gem Chest
0.834% chance

9x 100 IMPs Token
1.252% chance

9x 100,000 Credits Token
4.172% chance

9x Augment Prevent Decrease
2.086% chance

3x 100-Billion Note
2.642% chance

90x +10% EXP Scroll
4.172% chance

90x Exquisite Feed
8.344% chance

1x Shattered Sigil
0.487% chance

19x Augment Grade Increase
4.172% chance

9x Augment Success Increase
2.642% chance

1x Raid Crystal
1.391% chance

1x Runic Sigil
0.417% chance

90x 100 IGS Crystals
4.172% chance

9x 100-Billion Note
2.086% chance

1x 100-Billion Note
4.172% chance

1x VIP Set Chest
0.695% chance

1x 1-Trillion Note
1.947% chance

1x VIP Set +27
0.348% chance

5x 100-Billion Note
2.364% chance

7x 100-Billion Note
2.225% chance

1x Pouch of Melancholy
2.781% chance

90x Augment Guarantee Increase Ore
0.973% chance

19x Raid Shard
2.781% chance

900x Augment Prevent Decrease Ore
0.973% chance

1x Ascension Flame
0.008% chance

1x Lv150 Pet Card
2.086% chance

1x Augment Guarantee Increase
0.139% chance

2x 1-Trillion Note
1.113% chance

2x 100-Billion Note
4.172% chance

2x ROSO Ring +27
0.556% chance

9x Contem Stone Bag
4.172% chance

1x Elder Wyvern Summon Scroll
0.834% chance

90x 1-Billion Note
6.954% chance

4x 100-Billion Note
2.503% chance

1x ROSO Neck +27
0.556% chance

25x Mini Contem Stone Bag
4.172% chance

19x Wyvern Shard
2.781% chance

9x Augment Mini Success Increase
5.563% chance

Note1: The reward rates are based upon weights, so the exact percentages are not specified. The percentages above were calculated based on the weights and the values were truncated after the first 3 decimal places, so there is no rounding. As such, totaling up all the displayed rates may not exactly be 100%.

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