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Jun 18, 2024          10:27:34 AM

Server Rates
20x Solo-Exp
25x Party-Exp
15x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth


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Ranking List
Rank Player Score
1st ~Lizzy 7,793
2nd -[#24]+Wegzz.~ 5,273
3rd ~*Jutyx*~ 4,914
4th Zenpie#86 4,824
5th SpallanZany 4,714
6 Strongarm 2,810
7 l~[#Groggy#]~l 2,413
8 Star~ 2,098
9 zSkill. 1,986
10 -[#24]+Wegzz~ 1,949

November 13 2022
by [Admin]Rage

Server Online - Patch [Nov 13th, 2022]

Hey players,

We have completed the maintenance and the expansion is now live!

Download the following patch if your auto patcher cannot update your client automatically. Alternatively, you can download our newest client with the updates already applied here
Patch November 13th, 2022
ROSO Patch

Vespa's Domain Expansion

We've already added guides highlighting the 6 main highlights of the expansion. You can select one of the tabs below to view the guide.

Client Enhancements

[Update #1] Improved terrain loading on entering a map

[Update #2] Added 60 FPS client toggle in settings. Players have been asking and it is finally here! Your client can now go beyond the original 30 FPS limit up to 60 FPS.
Note1: May have some unexpected rendering issues. Please report any issues.
Note2: This setting does not "force" your client to 60 FPS all the time. It simply allows the client to reach up to 60 FPS depending on your computer's resources.

[Update #3] Limit clients in background setting. There is now an option to limit clients based on the window status.
  • Client active windows - full resources
  • Client is not the active window (is in the background) - limited resources
  • Client is minimized - minimum resources used to keep game session active
[Update #4] Item Drop Setting. Many items are dropped accidentally, now there is a setting to confirm if you want an item to be dropped or not.

Note1: This setting is by default turned on. If you do not want the confirmation, you must disable it yourself. That means any potential items that are unintentionally dropped are now your responsibility.

[Update #5] Bounded Items. This will allow us to give more high value loot for individuals without affecting the games economy much.
Note1: Bounded items CANNOT be unbounded. These are system granted items.
Note2: Bounded items CANNOT be traded, dropped or stored in guild vault.
Note3: During apparel fusion, if an equipment is bounded, the bound status will transfer to the new apparel.
Note4: During apparel fission, if an apparel is bounded, the bound status will transfer to the fissioned item, and the apparel will STILL be bounded.
Note5: During item awakening, if an equipment is bounded, the bound status will transfer to the new awakened item.
Note6: Bounded items CANNOT be locked with Item-locking stone.

[Update #6] Player bonuses now display near your name. This includes any server buffs, awakening buffs, or events.

Note1: The icon will only be visible if you have an active bonus.
Note2: Simply place mouse over icon to view details.
Note3: Command /buff has been removed.

Mail Box System

Introducing a brand new storage system in game, your very own Mail Box!

Currently some systems in game will send the items to your storage box (website) if you do not have enough inventory space. Now items will be defaulted to be sent to the Mail Box. You have the option to choose where to send those items.

Note1: Players will be able to send mail to each other in a future update.
Note2: If you get a new mail while the Mail Box is open, you must re-open the Mail Box to see the new mail.
Note3: You cannot delete unread mails or mails with items that have not been claimed yet.
Note4: Mail that you receive has a default of 14 days. Any mails not read or claimed after the expiry date will be lost.
Note5: Characters on the same account share the same Mail Box.

Balance Changes

All Classes

- Modified the skill 'Master Teleportation'
1. Skill cool-down increased from 15s -> 25s.


- Modified the skill 'Seal of Elder'
1. (IN PK MAPs) Skill duration increased from 7s -> 12s.

- Modified the skill 'Shadow Insignia'
1. Fixed an issue that kept the duration at 6s. Properly reflects the skill description now. (Duration of 6s at Level 1. Duration increases by 1s per skill level)
2. (IN PK MAPs) Skill duration increased from 6s -> 11s.

As always, these balance changes may be reverted or changed even more depending on player feedback.

Other Changes

- Added the accepted custom apparels
- Capes now have a dedicated equipment slot. They will no longer use the 2nd row 1st inventory slot to take effect. If you have a cape in the 2nd row 1st inventory slot, it will automatically be equipped for you upon initial login.
- Medal of Valor is no longer an item. All Medal of Valor stats have been moved to your Character attributes (ALT + A).
- You can enable the top skill bar to use numbers 0-9 on your keyboard by pressing a button.
- You can now auto path to coordinates set in the Radar form (ALT + R).
- Player Trading now checks if the gold being sent will overflow in the traders inventory.
- You can now buy up to 100 items at once in the In-game shop. (Items in the Promotion tab can only be bought once)
- PK Rankings (Bounty Hunter PK, Chaos Argent, Chaos Icicle, Chaos Shaitan) have been reset.
- Players can now have 2x characters in PK Maps (Bounty Hunter PK, Chaos Argent, Chaos Icicle, Chaos Shaitan), however each class is limited to only 1x.
- Fixed an issue that caused some Ami Hairstyles not be visible.
- Fixed an issue that caused some clients to crash while entering a map.
- Fixed an issue that caused some clients to crash while auto walking.
- Fixed an issue that caused some clients to crash while dragging items.
- Fixed an issue that caused the client to crash on select character when you have more than 100 disciples.
- Fixed an issue that kept spamming the "Rebirth level" notice on enter when you selected a character that was a boat.
- Fixed an issue that caused the client to crash when using an Item-locking stone as a boat.
- Fixed an issue that caused the client to play music on start when the audio setting was disabled.
- Fixed an issue that allowed players to bypass blind map chat restriction.
- Fixed an issue that caused some NPCs and Monsters to appear half invisible.

Please report any bugs or issues you come across in our discord's #bug_report channel. If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to add them in our #suggestions channel!

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