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August 14 2011
by [Admin]Rage

2 Events In One!

Well Hi everybody, i decided to throw these 2 events in one!

This first event is because i noticed not alot of people are voting anymore :'( so instead of 2 creds per vote, you will get 15 for the next 2 weeks

Now if my math is correct
15 x 3 = 45 creds per 12 hours
45 x 2 = 90 creds for 24 hours
90 x 7 = 630 creds for 7 days or 1 week
90 x 14 = 1260 creds for 14 days or 2 weeks!

Now, roso currently has 10703 accounts, counting out all the alt accounts would be roughly around 8000.

8000 x 1260 =10,080,000 credits giving away

(Yes i know that last part was unneeded but who cares :D)

This Second Event is a Video Event!!

I also noticed we are lacking a bunch of videos for roso.

So i am bringing this back but the prizes will be changed!

1st place - 30imps
2nd place - 25imps
3rd place - 20imps

-No shorter Than 2mins and no longer than 7mins
-Has to have information about the server
-(Optional) Video Effects (We want a good video, so we recommend you add them!)
-Please show more than just npcs!!

Once You have created your video, go to
Rage Of Sage Forums and Create a Topic Named "My Video Entry (Your Character Name)"

The video event will also be on for 2 weeks! For those who are too lazy to check when that is the date for BOTH of the events to end will be

August 28th 2011

Thank You all for supporting us and for playing ROSO

Thanks, ROSO Team (Aka Ultimate Almighty God Owner [GM]Rage :P)

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