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7000x Fairy Growth


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1st [-IfuSeeMeRuN-] 312 CA Points
2nd Cute~. 227 CA Points
3rd -[IfuSeeMeRuN]- 217 CA Points
4 -[Dangerous]- 206 CA Points
5 Modified~ 182 CA Points

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August 29 2011
by [Admin]Rage

Justin being inactive.

Hey guy's,
I'll be very inactive within the next 3-4day's. I havn't been feeling good first off and my computer has a virus. The reason I havn't done much and been on much lately is because of that.
I'm sorry that i've been an asshole yesterday with the reforging people's eqs and adding mall point's etc. But I couldn't really do much as I didn't have any info to roso on file. Meaning really I was lucky to log in.
There's some thing's that I really can't explain sort of personal issues in real life that got to me yesterday also.

But worst come's to worst i'll just be offline till thrusday or friday of this week if I can get my computer running again i'll be on for a bit not going to promise anyone i'll be able to help.

Anyway's i'll see your around.
Best wishes to Rage and Kenny.

Justin Frost <3

P.S Charlie your not good enough to be there. You get ur own best wishes here ;) Good luck.

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