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25x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth


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1st [-IfuSeeMeRuN-] 238 CA Points
2nd Cute~. 169 CA Points
3rd -[Dangerous]- 153 CA Points
4 [M]odified 130 CA Points
5 [*Igniz*] 113 CA Points

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September 2 2011
by [Admin]Rage

The latest news!

Alright so roso's been having some fun with adding new thing's taking out things etc. Well I think it's time for a little bit of a change don't yeah think?

Here's all the daily news we as staff have been posting and spamming on system for the last 3days.

Daily news: Check the main websites everyday for latest news on whats happening on Rage of Sage Online. The 15x Credit for voting is still on for a bit longer so vote up. Credit auction should be added as soon as possible. and the weekend event is going to happen on Saterday afternoon. So make sure your on. Thank's for playing Rage of Sage Online!
If you need help with any problems with hacks,scams,bugs,donation problems please go to and post your problem in tech center. Please make sure you post in right section on the forum with the info needed.
Well let's vote for what you guy's want to be done to the server, Were thinking about the following suggestion's that players have made in the forum. Removing free gold,Add a exchanger for Azrael's gems. And a npc to exchange 100mil notes to 50mil notes 1mil notes to 100mil for a stack. Vote up

Thank's for playing Rage of Sage Online,
Roso Staff.

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